My short terms foci - updated

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Allrighty - im leaning everyday and want to plan accordingly to secure a proper learning path that gets me somewhere sexually.

OVerall sticking point
- Lack of drive/swinging drive. erection arousal curves goes up and down.

Potential sub Problems causing this
- No friction
- proper stimulation from GF (hardness)
- Fear?!?
- low sex drive?

I think its important to keep it simple and aknowledge that im a novice here. But with a natural talent;) But i need to apply the proper kind of pressure at a novice level to evolve.

This means i need to go into the bedroom with some key things i wanna try/work on.

Its still kindof a blur for me but im moving defining and creating a pciture of my situation. This awareness and clarity is key to hitting the right things and make sex a pleasure vs. a sad thing in my/our life.

Im aware that the focussed, structured approach can become very mental but im quite experienced in this process and know when to relax and when to take charge. This very balance does not have to be problematic nor does it have to impede immersion. Life contains many apparent conflicts but only if you have an unnuanced/black and white approach to it. But awareness is important.
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