My Friend's Boyfriend

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There are 3 friends of mine who know that I am not always faithful towards my husband. One of them is more of an acquaintance that I work with. Her and I have been working together for a long time and we usually go out after work on Friday's to get drinks. Well, one day, 3 of us decided to go on a week's get away with our boyfriends/husbands.

Well, as you can imagine, at the resort, all six of us hung out, played drinking games, hung out at the pool, etc. My husband, who was the quietest of the 3 guys with us, usually would go to bed early, leaving the rest of us out at the resort bar and/or pool.

I did get to know the other 2 boyfriends of my friends. That is to say, we talked and joked a lot. I honestly didn't have any intentions with any of them. They are just so-so guys. Well, that girl I said I work with that was an acquaintance, her boyfriend and I talked quite a bit. Then he said something that really caught my intention, "So, I'm told that you like to cheat on your husband". Apparently, that co-worker talks to her boyfriend about me a lot. "Don't worry, I won't tell" is what he said. He then said that he has thought I was smoking hot since he first saw me. Well, as you can imagine. One night, after drinks late night. He began talking to me about what I would do if my husband found out. I naturally told him that I would feel guilty because he would probably leave.

Then it began. He started threatening me with telling my husband. At first it was joking, but then he would say little hints to my husband during our night of drinking. "So how do you keep your hot wife from cheating?" or "I bet your wife can get all the dick she can get". Later, my husband would tell me that he didn't like that guy because of the disrespect he showed me. If only he knew what I did.

To soften those comments, the boyfriend told me he would be quiet if I did something for him. He wanted me to give him a lap dance. So, in my bikini, I gave him a lap dance, which I thought was an innocent thing between drunk people having fun, but he had me do it in his room while everyone else was at the bar. While grinding him, he decided to start to use his hands, which was inappropriate, but turned me on. He started rubbing my pussy over my bikini and said, "I bet that is tight". He then forcefully bent me over. I asked him what he was doing and he just said, "I'm keeping quiet about your infidelity because you are letting me do this". His way of saying that I needed to do this in order for him to keep quiet. He began to finger my pussy and rub my asshole with his thumb. He then started eating me out. It felt good, and not just the feeling, but it felt good knowing that my co-worker was with an asshole (I don't like her very much). He then turned me around, pulled down his trunks and said, "Suck my dick". I began to suck his dick. While his dick was in my mouth, he undid my top and exposed my tits. He sat down on the chair and grabbed his cock and exposed his balls so that I could begin licking them. He then started pushing my head down. Before I knew it, I was at his butthole. It was gross. I did that for like 5 seconds and lifted my head up. He then threw me on the bed and started fucking me. As much of an asshole as he was, his dick did feel good. He then flipped me over into doggy and then said, "I bet your ass hole feels nice around a cock" and then began to slip his dick in my ass. He fucked me until he pulled his dick out of my ass and stuck it in my mouth so that he could cum. He didn't last very long. We cleaned up and re joined our friends, to include my husband. All in all, we were gone for about 15 minutes.

The asshole began talking to my husband and saying the same kind of shit to him about me cheating. Of course my husband didn't believe and everyone took it as joking. The co-worker was trying to keep him quiet about my cheating because she knows my back story. I wonder if she would have done that if she knew that I had just fucked her boyfriend.

This happened a few years ago and my co-worker doesn't work there anymore. I heard that they ended up getting married (through instagram) and are trying to have kids. Of course we don't hang out as much, but I will always remember that day that I had sex with a friend's boyfriend, while my friend and my husband were downstairs at the pool. Although I do realize that he was using me, I didn't mind because my husband wasn't giving me what I wanted at all during that trip. We would just go back to our room and fall asleep.
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