My Ever So Brief Professional Writing Career

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For three glorious months I was a professional writer. I wrote about one article a week, which was published in due course, and then I was paid for my work. It was the most fun ever.

But now it looks like it’s all over. I received word about a week ago that the website for which I’ve been writing is on hiatus, has lost its funding, and has been ordered so cease and desist all operations until further notice. Supposedly, this is a fairly common occurrence in the world of startups. I was hoping that this was only a relatively minor and temporary setback, but it’s now been a full week since there’s been any news.

Although all outstanding invoices for articles will be paid, what I’m most disappointed about is that the last article I wrote will most likely not be published. Of course the money was always nice, but seeing my name and work in print was a far greater reward.

It was fun while it lasted.
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