My Bipolar Life

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Getting by with bipolar disorder

I’ve equalized on my meds and I’m feeling better. Some days I feel so tired. The depression creeps up behind my mind and overwhelms me. It doesn’t help that those around me keep asking “Why are you feeling depressed? Aren’t you taking your pills”. Fuck, its like they think the meds are going to take away all the symptoms. Then they walk around me on egg shells. I keep telling them I'm Bipolar. I always will be. They just don't understand that I'll be this way the rest of my life. That I have to be aware of my mental state every day, never giving up. I don't get why they think someone in my profession doesn't know what to do. It gets tiring. Only my wife understands. She knows to just let me be. Except for sex. She knows if she can get me to cum, I'll feel better. She always knows.

I found a new website forum that is focused on sex. I’ve been having a good time. Making some cyber friends. It's nice. I can talk about sex and be completely myself. No acting the professional all the time. Thank the massive black hole at the center of the universe for anonymity.

Bye for now.
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