More sex!! I love blogging!

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I invited K round this morning and I hadn't checked the blog in a few days! So I didn't know she was bringing me knickers that she had came into! Do you guys think its normal for me to be excited by the fact she came in her knickers and gave me them?

Anyway, she arrived at mine and gave me the plastic bag with them in and told me the story! I was very excited by this and K knew it!

It wasn't long before we were naked in my bed, she kept her "sexy socks" as I call them on. I took a photo which I will upload shortly! You can see for yourself how sexy they are!

I love K's feet, I love everything about them! K started rubbing my penis and balls with her sexy feet in her sexy socks. I became rock hard. I asked K to come back to the top of the bed which she did, I began to slowly and gently rub her clit with my finger. I was slowly making circles with the very tip of my finger which was getting K really really wet, I could feel and hear the juices moving around as I started to rub her vaginal lips together.

Whilst this was going on K was pressing on the point between my balls and bum with one hand and was rapidly rubbing my penis with the other! I couldn't take it any more so i climbed on top and entered her. She really was very very wet and I could feel her warm juices wrapping around me. I could hear the noises of the juices and K as I thrust in and out of her.

I kept on rubbing her clit as I was thrusting and I got quicker and quicker until I let out a pretty loud sigh and started coming inside her. Very soon after this K violently came as she twitched and let out more of a scream than a sigh!

The whole room stank of us :) It was both unexpected and amazing!

A :)
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