Miss M — My 1st Visit

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Could it possibly be for real? We met in a chatroom. She seemed very friendly and we appeared to have similar interests. But she is 23. What does she want with a 60 year-old guy? I was certainly apprehensive and hesitant, thinking it must be a scam. A fellow I had met in the same chatroom had met her and said she was a sweet sexy young lady. I was more at ease after talking to her on the phone, but I did lock my wallet in the trunk.
She greeted me at the door wearing a mini skirt and a smile. WTF? Lovely breasts. A warm welcoming kiss and hug. Did I mention lovely breasts? She said 36D. I think maybe C, but full and firm with nice nipples.
I finally lift my eyes and I see another young lady (fully clothed) watching TV. WTF? WTF? I get introduced and then my new friend, Miss M, led me off to her room.
When we get to the room, M asks me if I want her friend to join us. WTF? WTF? WTF? I declined, thinking I’ve already got plenty on my plate.
M turns out to be very sweet and personable… and definitely sexy. She’s kind of the somewhat plain girl next door, or shy secretary, or girl in the church choir that you might walk right by at Wal-Mart and never suspect. Ponytail and dark rimmed glasses that belie the passionate sensual delights to follow.
I had brought her a small gift and when I turned around from placing it on her dresser, the skirt was gone. Now one of us was naked.
So I started to get undressed and there’s a tap on the door. I guess the friend wanted to know if she was invited. I continued to undress and M sent her friend away.
M and I immediately threw our arms around each other and locked lips. She is a very proficient kisser. It seems like we’ve known each other for ages. I seem to have lucked out. I also noticed she has a nicely rounded and firm butt.
She asked if she could give me a massage, which I accepted. Nice gentle touch. And we chatted a bit.
Then she wanted me on my back, but I took over and asked if I could admire her pussy for a while. Good move. One of the most attractive ones I’ve ever seen! She has a ring through her clitoral hood (not the clit), which pulls the lips together at the top; nice puffy outer lips; and fairly large protruding inner lips, which form the shape of an upside-down heart. Nice picture.
She was highly responsive. Whenever I stroked her inner thighs or pressed on her ovaries, her body shuddered.
I found out that whether I massaged her Mons Venus, or her outer lips, or tugged on her inner lips, the clit ring rubbed her clitoris. She came about 5 times in 20 minutes. When I found her g-spot, she had a huge climax. Then I had her turn to the side of the bed and I got down on my knees in front of the temple.
As soon as I pressed my tongue flat on her lips, she came again. I continue to tongue fuck her, suck on those lovely protruding lips, and flick and suck and press her clit. She just kept cumming – maybe 5 or 6 more times. Real head back, tummy up, lip biting orgasms.
She then asked if she could show me some of her talents. I was ready. Wow! Can this girl suck dick… right down to the base and nice tongue work on the head. Never experienced it with a tongue piercing before. Interesting… She swallowed me right down. Every drop.
We rested a bit, cuddled, kissed, and chatted. And then she asked if I was going to cum for her again. So she starts again, sucking up and down and around. Starts sucking my balls, my perineum, and I think she’s going to rim me, but she stopped, and went back to my cock. I came in her mouth again.
More cuddling and chatting. She sucked a little more, but I was done. Her friend came in to chat as M and I got dressed. Some more nice kisses and I was on my way.
A very nice young lady who just luvs sex.
Afterward I chatted with the fellow I had met online who had also met her. He inquired whether she had asked me to bite her tits. She hadn’t. Guess I have more to discover about this gal!
I tried to contact her a couple of times just to keep in touch, but no response. She knows I’m not in town. We’ll have to see in March. However, I have heard from her girlfriend who thinks we should maybe get together. I don’t know… getting between sisters and girlfriends is dangerous territory. And I do want to see Miss M’s pussy again!
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