Masturbation stories pt. 3

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Now that I'm in college I have some money to actually buy sex toys!!

And precisely because I'm in college I have little time to use them TToTT

I bought a thunder stick and it saves my life for a quick cum session. I try to use it everyday, and it takes me a max of 10 mins. Quickest was 1 minute. I know. I finish fast.
If I use it at night it helps me sleep.
If I use it in the morning I get to feel my cum stick to my pussy the whole day.
Long story short, I absolutely love the feeling of it on my clit.
On days where I'm not pressed on time, I use my glass tentacle dildo, small vibrating bullet, AND my thunderstick.
I like to start off rubbing the stick on my clit and letting my pussy get wet. Then I place the bullet vibe deep inside and turn it on the highest setting. Last, I gently place the dry dildo in and twist it around to get all my juices on it to lube it up.
After it's all warmed up I impale myself fast and hard on it and turn my thunderstick on medium high. The thrusting motion and the clit vibe, usually get me coming within 3 minutes.
It's short but amazing.
I'm definitely looking to invest in more sex toys, but maybe when I have more money to spare hah.
That's the end of the stories series, I'll probably write an entry in my fantasies later on✌
Thanks for sticking with me through my terrible grammar!!
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