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Haven't heard back from my ad replier in a few days. He's been on, or at least his profile says he has been. Wondering if he just used me for a sexting one-night stand?

It would make me kind of sad if he did, since I was enjoying the interaction. He also made it seem like he really wanted to meet up in real life at some point in the future, but I wonder if that was true or just said in the heat of the moment?

Am I just destined to never get laid ever again? I sure as hell hope not. I'm so tired of being alone and horny. Even pleasuring myself doesn't really seem to have much of an effect anymore.

If anyone (Guy or Gal) happens to want to have sex with a desperate guy who knows how to please their partner, or knows someone who does, please do let me know.

I'm just feeling so damned alone right now...
  • Victus
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