Liquid fire.

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It was raining harder than I'd ever seen here, the downpour knocking small branches out of trees as I half jogged across the motel parking lot, anxious to get to your room.

I climbed the stairs, the wind tugging at my jacket, slipping once on a saturated tread. 104, 105, 106, you were in 110 and I had not seen you in days, skin hunger surging and swimming in recent memory of you.

108, breath a bit labored now, rain pushed in below the eaves as the wind threw it around. 109,..........110........I paused. When I knock, you will be standing in front of me was a mental image to be savored.

I remember even now, how you looked when I first laid eyes on your beautiful form. Snug jeans, white blouse, working server at a local haunt of mine. My friend waved his hands in front of my face...."helllooooww"...he said annoyed at my slack jawed ogle.

"who the fuck is that"?....I said, unable to break away. Your hair fell about your shoulders, framing the face of an archetype, a woman I had seen in my dreams....over and over....elusive....and, right in front of me.

I stood at the door for a moment more, raised my hand and knocked twice. A violent gust of rain laden wind whipped through the railing behind me as I cleared my throat. It was fairly late, almost eleven p.m.

The knob began to move as I shivered with anticipation at seeing you in front of me again. the door opened a crack, your eyes regarding me for a second, then swung wide as you stepped to me. The feel of your warm curves in a welcome embrace, sent me to my center.

We broke our hug and you pulled me over the threshold, shutting the door. I turned and you placed your finger over my lips, shushing me. You then pointed to your six year old son, sprawled on the floor next to the television.....I nodded. I took a moment to drink you in, my eyes roaming freely as you smiled broadly.

You had been in bed, wearing only a long t-shirt, one that barely covered anything below your sexy hips. Your legs bared and slightly crossed, coffee eyes pulling me in.....fantastic looking woman, the kind of woman that brings a man to his knees with no effort at all.

I stepped forward and slid my trembling hands across those hips and tugged at exhaled slightly, looking up, lips parted.....I paused....your eyes so dark and gorgeous.

"maybe we should get you out of those soaking clothes" whispered.

"yes....yes we should"...I answered in a hushed tone.

I tugged harder as I lowered to kiss you...soft at first, growing in intensity, hands beginning to move on their own. God what a perfect, beautiful woman. I was completely in love with you and did not care who knew it, you were absolutely hypnotizing.

You broke from me and pulled on my hands, dragging me to the bed. You began working my pants and zipper....."wait"...I said.

I lowered to my knees as I escaped my jacket and shirt, you flipping your sweet black hair to one side. I ran my hands up your outer thighs, you responding with a soft little moan and slightly parting your knew what I wanted.

I saw that you were nude beneath this shirt that blocked my passionate advances. I gently persuaded you to lay down on the bed with my wet hand, pushing the t-shirt up to your navel. You responded so sweetly, spreading your legs wide.

My hands found your fleshy ass, my feverish lips found your sweet womanhood. Wet already, my tongue searching every fold, slowly absorbing every nuance, every hidden place, every drop. Your scent heavy on my tongue and lips.

I was swimming in you, I was in that place so involved as to let go of everything I had ever held dear....just to taste you. Magic. Never have I had a woman so painfully and chemically spectacular. In these moments, I was living a driven dream of lust and absolute desire.

I continued as my hands slipped up under your t-shirt, finding the full, ample white flesh of your breasts....kneading and searching out the pink nipples that crown the mounds you hide so deftly from prying, public eyes.

Your scent covering my face, I stand and frantically get out of the straight jacket my aching cock has been trapped in. Pinning your arms over your head, I lay on cock screaming for your sex. I push that damned shirt up and out of the way, exposing the creamy soft satin of your breasts.

We kiss, languid, like liquid fire....a screen kiss. I work my way down your curves, the television illuminating every lusty path. then back.....cannot stray far from your wet lips.

Every kiss I leave has your scent, the air changes when I smell your is everywhere my lips have been. I cannot wait any longer, we kiss again as your hands make contact with my painful throb. I grunt quietly as you first touch me there, guiding slowly.

I raise up to see your warm, sexy brown eyes.....and you do. My smile dissipates as I push forward. Your neck arches, lips parting as you let loose with a gasp....I pause...only just having my head inside. Stupidly....I put my finger over my lips and you giggle.

Your squirming makes me feel as though I will not last long, you....this most beautiful woman I have ever did I get you?.
I pushed forward again, sliding in to the hilt. I know heaven, I am familiar with it...upon tasting your sex.

I stop as deep as I can go and our lips meet again. You are the most sensuous woman I have ever known, so full of passion......I am in love.....said over and over again in my head as I begin to thrust slowly.

The smell of your sweetness in the air has me trying to hold back the tide, breasts moving in time, eyes flashing, sexy hushed moans in my ear. You are every man's dream...and you are giving me your secret things this moment.

I feel a wave building, one that will surely drown us both. I move a little faster, each stroke bringing me to the crest.......

You moan again, I am so affected by your sweet voice, it moves me closer,.....closer....closer with every sound that falls from your perfect lips.....closer.

Your hot, silky womanhood trying to coax me....trying to push me.....trying to bring me to you......

My strokes become feverish, I am almost there sex in yours......thrusting....your soft skin, voice , pussy tugging at my wave....

You shudder and pull forward, I know you are coming...and it sends me over the edge into a raw, sexual place I want to be with you....My body heaves as I fall into the cock spurting gobs of hot come deep inside of your sweet nectar.....everywhere......everywhere......

We lay breathless for a few moments, then both burst out laughing.

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