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(WARNING: This is a long post)

Late one afternoon, Bunnie calls me at work.

"Guess what! we have an 'empty nest' for the evening and overnight!"

"Great!" I exclaim.

"Any ideas?" she asks. I can sense the wicked smile in her voice.

"You know.... you haven't been my movie star for a while..."

"You pervert!" Bunnie exclaims. "When do we start?"

"I'll be home soon... let's go to a hotel, can you book one?"

"I''m on it - bye!" she says, and hangs up.

When I arrive home, Bunnie is already packed. I pack and prepare for our digital adventure. Camera, camcorder, various accessories, laptop computer, and cables are quickly gathered. Then the really fun part - picking out the outfits for Bunnie's "performances".

Bunnie comes in the bedroom as I finish packing. I give her a quick glimpse of the bag containing her outfits, and she kisses me.

"Give me a few minutes to get ready, okay? Just something for a little fun during the drive."

That is fine with me, it is worth the wait. just anticipating what is ins store for us has me aroused, which is a very pleasant feeling. I bring the items downstairs to wait.

When Bunnie comes downstairs, she is wearing a figure fitting blue dress and light blue pantyhose, and looks spectacular. As she walks down she pulls up her dress up to show me that the pantyhose is crotchless.

I grab the camera and take a few pictures. Bunnie manipulates her dress and flashes me so that I can get nice views of her body.

She pulls her dress down and gives me a hug, whispering in my ear "Tell we when there is no traffic around okay?".

We load the car and head off to the hotel. When we get off the main highway and onto a local road, I tell Bunnie now is a good time. She opens her coat and hikes up her dress. I carefully drive with one hand while fondling her with the other. Bunnie closes her eyes and smiles. I can feel her pussy getting moist as we both rub it.

At the hotel, we check in and find our room. It is is roomy, with a king bed and a few other pieces of furniture - nice choices for exploring sexual positions. We take off our coats and hug and kiss for a while, happily grinding against each other.

Bunnie looks at me, her eyes bright with anticipation. "I can't wait. What do I wear for the first scene?"

I smile and open up the outfit bag. I hand her a long, dark black wig, a skimpy leopard print mini dress, crotchless lace stockings, and silver high heels shoes.

Bunnie's face is glowing with excitement, and her body language cannot hide her joy. "Hurry up and get everything set up while I dress. And take off your pants NOW - I want to see your cock bouncing around while I get ready!"

I obey her command, and rush to finish. But Bunnie is faster than I am, and before I am done she saunters merrily out of the bathroom, now dressed to thrill me. She struts seductively around the room in her outfit. I start taking pictures, and she starts "striking poses" she knows I will likes. Some are demure, some are explicit, but in all of them she looks fantastic.

She sits down on the bed, crosses her legs and picks up a magazine. As I finish setting up the camcorder and start recording, she goes into "acting" mode. "Oh well", she says loudly and to no one in particular. "I hope my Toad finishes messing around with that and come eats my pussy, or I'll just have to take care of myself". She licks her lips as she moves one hand to her tits to caress them as she reads.

I quickly go to her, spreading her legs and hiking up her dress. Bunnie obliges by leaning back, allowing me to see her already swollen clit and pussy lips. I quickly being eating her pussy. I look up at her, she is looking over at the TV monitor, which is hooked up so we can watch as we film.

"I just love this..." she says huskily. The magazine falls from her hand and now she has both hands massaging her tits. "Do whatever you want to me..."

Thus begins a great session full of foreplay, positions, sucking, licking, and fucking. There are brief pauses for adjusting the camcorder for different angles or taking a quick picture. When we are done, Bunnie is sitting on the floor against the bed, satiated with the sex and accompanying orgasms. I am kneeling next her after finishing on her, and she is gently licking my cock, and using it to wipe my cum off of her face and tits.

"Did you like it? I really, really did. Was I good enough for you?", she says between licks, smiling.

I look down at her beauty. She is so sexily disheveled. Her nice big tits are hanging out of her dress, which is pulled up to her waist. Her legs are wide open, her pussy wet and shining as she gently touches it. She is a vision of loveliness to my eyes.

She smiles. "I love you too. Do you want to take more pictures before I clean up? Then we can watch some of our other movies...until you recover for the next scene..."

I get up and find the camera. Bunnie again accommodates me while I snap away, making sure I capture what i want. She is so nice for doing this with me, and I marvel at her desire to create as many visual images for me as I want.


I reflect in amazement on how Bunnie has taken to enjoying this aspect of our sex life. Sexy pictures and videos was not something I considered before we were married. I saw guys misusing this in college, and it was not something I thought was necessary or even desirable.

When Bunnie and I started our relationship and began having sex, I was just thrilled with her sexy figure. As I had fun with her body more and more, the idea of capturing her beauty grew in my mind. After we were married for a few years I brought up the subject - but Bunnie's initial reaction was "over my dead body!"

I did not push her on this, as I did not want her doing anything she was not comfortable with. As personal camcorders and digital cameras became more affordable, my interest for taking pictures and videos continued. I never said anything but Bunnie would sometimes tease me with "I know you're still thanking about it". I would just say "you know I'd love too, but I want you to be comfortable with it".

Then, about 15 years ago on my birthday, Bunnie surprised me with a "coupon" for one night of making a sex video with her. The coupon came with restrictions - I had to turn the pictures and videos over to her, I could ask her to watch them but they would stay in her possession, etc. - but I did not care. I was eager to try this.

Why did changed her mind? She finds it hard to explain. The main reason is, as we traveled down the relationship and marriage path, her trust for me grew. Trust is built from getting through challenging experiences together. A number of things happened in our relationship that grew her trust in me. In addition, she has always been body conscious, and realized through my actions how much I loved her body, regardless of her weight, which at one point was in the 200 pound range. For me it the pounds did not matter (other than for health issues) - it was her sexy attitude that did. With the above two factors, she felt, after all these years, why not give it a try and see what happens.

That first movie time was memorable. Bunnie wore a mask and wig while I filmed us for an hour having foreplay and sex. When we watched the results I was overjoyed. It was fun seeing her getting more into it as she got excited. At one point while taping I had to leave the room to get something, but I left the camera rolling. Bunnie was watching the monitor and began masturbating, and kept watching and doing it until I returned. She did not realize the camera was rolling, and was embarrassed to see it. She was surprise at how much I loved that section, and the sexuality she displayed.

While she could destroy the tape after a week, she held on the video for several months. During that time I watched it frequently. Each time I watched it I saw something in a different way, and it never got boring. Bunnie was amazed at how much I wanted to watch it. She was also intrigued that during this time I showed no interest in watching any porn. I rarely watched porn to begin with, but watching that tape of us made porn look even more boring and repetitive in contrast. Eventually Bunnie gave me the tape and said she would trust me with it. And, though I did not ask her about making another video, she said she would be willing to make another one if I wanted to.

Fifteen years later, we have many hours of footage and thousands of pictures. Bunnie has transformed from nervous-but-willing to eager-and-ready. She often drops subtle or direct hints about making a video. When we go on a vacation by ourselves, she wants to set aside an evening or two for making movies. Some vacations and "quick escapes" are designated as "video/pictures sessions" where we barely leave the room for fresh air.

She likes to "dress up" for these adventures. While we have made some with us just naked, the vast majority of them Bunnie wears some sexy costume or outfit. I gladly buy sexy items for her, and over the years she has accumulated an large collection of mini skirts, cleavage showing tops and mini dresses, crotchless stockings and bodystockings, sexy shoes and wigs. Dressing up for my sexual desire makes her feel "wicked" and even more eager to exposes her raunchy sex side to me.

I like this "secret" side of our lives. I have no desire for anyone else to see our fun, and have instituted multiple layers of physical and network security so that only we have access to them. I love how she trusts me with them, and I intend to keep that trust.

How long will we keep this up? I do not know. We both still enjoy it, but at 50 I am not going to try to predict the future of this. I am too busy relishing the recorded memories of the past and having fun creating more of those memories in the present. This activity is not for everyone, but it works to keep things exciting for us.
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