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I can safely say, I spend a good chunk of my day thinking about sex. There isn't much time between one naughty thought and the next. Even as I go about my day, my main thought is always sex or anything related to. I'm not sick, it is just the way i'm wired. I've always been very sexual and orgasmic. My mother (the most blunt woman I know, vulgar even at times, lol) said a few days ago, in spanish: "when you were a child I considered therapy for you. You were always smushing your Barbies and Kens, Barbies with Barbies, too, together, and taking off their clothes and doing obscene things with them... And I would often find you with your dresses up, grinding your parts against your stuffed animals and blankets and the bed. It worried me. I thought you'd be a big puta* when you grew up." It was a pretty embarrassing thought! How did I know those things as a child, anyway? I was very sheltered. My maternal grandma and her husband (mothers stepdad) did most of the raising, and to this day firmly believe i'm an innocent young lady, as pure as snow.

However, there are periods of time, where I feel the sexual thought are TOO much. I wake up aroused, am pretty much ready to go all day and spend every second thinking about getting fucked in endless ways, and even after pleasuring myself countless times, I go to sleep wanting more, and actually sit here and cry because there are people out there having sex and I am not. I have horrible luck when it comes to finding lovers, and have been stuck on the same man (let's call him AJ) for over 3 years, we would like to be together, but due to him being in the military, we dont see much of each other.

Lately, i've been overly obsessive, and I cannot seem to distract myself. On my way home today, I take a seat alone on the subway. I'm sitting there, reading Tropic of Capricorn (bad choice. I know) and I decide to look up. when I look at the man across from me, I notice there is a hole about an inch in circumference in the crotch of his pants, and the tip of his penis is peeking through. The man, was in no way appealing, but regardless, penis is penis and is always amusing. I began to think those infamous thoughts of mine, when suddenly, the man looks up and jets out of the subway car, and in come two policemen.

Now, If you know me, you know I have a weakness for men in uniform. A huge weakness. The last thing I fucking needed was for two absolutely gorgeous cops, tall, muscular and broad shouldered, to stand by me, one right next to me, and the other right in front of me, with his crotch about ten inches away from my face. I stared down at my book, crossed my legs, and spent the rest of my ride trying not to think of how peachy it would be to have my wrists and ankles cuffed, spread eagle and for them to have their way with me. The rest of my trip home was not a comfortable (or dry) one. By now, i'm sure the world is out to mock me! Lol.
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