Just what the doctor ordered

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Recently I was severely under the weather for a few days with what was either a bad cold or a mild case of the flu. During this time Bunnie was, as always, doing every she could to make me comfortable. I rested as best as I could in bed (with only enough energy to go online and look at this forum). We did not have any sex for about 3 days, which never happens unless one of is out of town or very ill.

When my fever broke I started feeling a little better and felt my strength coming back. I have a workaholic tendencies, but over the years have learned to not rush back into my normal schedule. I decided to take another day away from work to relax. We have a little home theater area in our home, and that morning I told Bunnie I was going to that area to lie on the couch and watch some of our homemade sex videos on the projector screen.

I was very comfortable. The darkened theater area and the comfortable couch were relaxing. Seeing our recorded "sexcapades" on an 85 inch screen was, well, more than incredible. The house was pleasantly quiet - no one else was home and Bunnie was out on morning errands. Later in the morning she returned home and stopped in to see how I was doing. She arrived right at a spot where the screen had a close-up scene of me eating her pussy, with her squirming and and enjoying it.

"I can see you're really having fun!" she said with a beautiful smile, and kissed me. She then said she had to take care of some things, and then went away. I went back to enjoying our video action.

About 30 minutes later, Bunnie came back - and did so with a wonderful surprise. She had changed into a "stripper" outfit - a pink halter mini dress, which had the lower back of the dress removed to display her ass. She also wore pink lace suspender pantyhose and pink high heels. Her hair was brushed out long and sexy.

"I think if our movies are making you feel better, the real thing will make you feel better faster", she said slyly, as she sensuously paraded in front of the couch to let my eyes soak in her body.

I sat up on the couch and she lay down next to me, her feet on my lap. "Keep the movie running, but do whatever you have energy for..." and she spread her legs and guided my hand to her pussy.

Talk about getting the adrenaline going! Suddenly I was feeling much more energetic. I fingered her pussy and rubbed her clit as we watched our movie scenes. It did not take long for Bunnie to get very excited, and she quickly pulled her tits out of her dress and began sucking on her nipples. This got me even more excited, and I slipped my hard cock out of my pants to get more comfortable. I started rubbing my cock against Bunnie's leg, and she moved her foot to run it up and down my cock - with those lace stockings the feeling was wonderful.

Eventually just rubbing my cock with her foot wasn't enough, and Bunnie switched around to lie on her stomach, with her face in my crotch, happily sucking and licking my cock. I was able to reach over to squeeze her ass and finger her pussy at the same time. Her pussy juice was getting my fingers nice and wet, and I would bring them to her mouth so that she could lick them dry before I continued to finger her - she loved to taste herself on me.

After a while I decided to play a game with her, one I call the "two minute drill". I stopped her from sucking on my cock - it was cute how I really had to pull my cock away from her, she was enjoying it so much - moved some throw pillows onto the floor in front of the screen, and had her lay down on them, with her head closest to the screen. There is a digital clock near the screen, and I used that guide me. I'd eat her pussy for two minutes, then I would fuck her for two minutes, and continue switching back and forth like that. This was a lot of fun while our movies were playing, to try to mentally predict what we would be doing in the movie when it was time to switch. The eating/fucking back and forth drill drove Bunnie absolutely wild. She was gyrating and rubbing herself all over and saying the dirtiest things and cumming like gangbusters while I was doing this. I was able to stretch this out for almost 15 minutes before I couldn't hold back any longer, and I came deep inside of her, squeezing her ass and pulling her tightly me to me as I came, while she wrapped her legs around my back, shaking with pleasure.

Afterwards we just lay there for a while, me on top of her, my cock still inside her pussy, just savoring feeling each other. I started to gently play with her tits and suck on her nipples, and she smiled at me with glazed but happy eyes.

"Better than watching our movie?" she murmured

"Much better... you know that" I said, continuing to lick her tits.

Finally I moved off of her and sat back down on the couch, helping her up to sit next to me. I was now feeling the exertion, and realizing that, while I was better, I was not yet fully recovered.

We held each other, but soon our fingers couldn't help wandering. Her hand was back on my cock, which hadn't gone fully soft yet, and I started playing with her tits again.

Bunnie looked at the screen, which now showed a scene of us fucking doggie style. She turned back to me with those big beautiful eyes.

"You fucked me so good... if you can get hard again before the kids get home, I'd love it if you fucked me again. However you wanted. Maybe like that," she said, motioning to the screen.

"That is quite a challenge", I said. "I feel better, but I'm not at 100 percent".

Bunnie just smiled "I'll take whatever I can get from you", she said. "I need to get some things done, but can I come back in an hour or so and see how you are? And maybe give you some help..." She stared at my cock and licked her lips.

I smiled. "I'll give it the old college try. Worse case, I can eat you. I'm never too tired for you to sit on my face."

Bunnie kissed me on the cheek, then quickly leaned over and lovingly licked my cock to "clean" it of our fluids. She then stood up, giving me one last full look at her wonderful body.

"You have got me so buzzed... I hope I don't fall going up the steps", she said, walking slowly away.

I sat there, just watching her ass and legs as she walked,which was such a pleasant sight. When she got to the stair railing she turned back to look at me, as if she had felt my stare.

"Why are you looking at me, and not the movie?" she asked.

"Like you said", I smiled "You're better than the movie".

Bunnie's face just glowed. She widened her legs and rubbed her pussy for me before continuing up the stairs. "I'll be back!"

I sunk back into the couch, resting, hoping that I could get enough energy to please her. The screen now showed the beginning of a scene where Bunnie was dressed up in a sexy outfit and a cute wig, staring at the camera and dancing around. So incredibly sexy. I again felt so good at having such a wonderful woman in my life.

When Bunnie came back about two hours later, I needed some oral help from her to get going, but we did end up fucking again. I was totally happy, but it wiped out for the rest of the day. However,Bunnie was on cloud nine and that made it well worth it. :phat
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