(July 20, 2008) The End of My Spirit.

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First off, since I know at least one rat and one punk will read this blog, ya, I'm not scared of either of you. Fear is for pussies, and fear is for little kids. I'm neither, nor will I ever be. You both want to come beat me down or something, make sure you do it right, meaning, don't let me get up.

Second, I'm past just no fear. I believe I am firmly dangerous, because with no fear, comes immortality. My soul will live forever, and my spirit will walk these earthly plains forever. My body may die, but I will not. I declare myself immortal.....whether it be in History, or in causing fear. Like the Boogeyman, I will strike at the hearts of those who express fear. People will talk about the spirit of me, the spirit that brings cold and fear. I will take Death's place as the most feared spirit on earth. I will haunt dreams, make normal people go suicidal, turn good into evil, and bad into worse. I will become evil incarnate. My soul will be in a different plain, but my spirit has made me immortal.

I am the anti-Christ. Not the one of biblical proportion, though I wish I was that one, but the one human who can stand up and say that the Jewish jesus can lick my balls. I agree he lived, but he was no god...he was a human, and people fear a man who has no power over them. I tried to call him on years ago....amazing, in a lightening storm, in the middle of a field, with iron bars in your hand pointing to the heavens, that the might of "god" and "jesus" can't strike me down. They should have then......been better for them. The only reason I see that I am here anymore is to torture as many people as I can before I die.

I smell death soon....he's coming, and we will embrace in a battle for spirits. If I lose, I go into the afterlife with nothing, but memories. This won't happen....I will win, and when I win, I will make Death look small and sickly. There will be no saviour for those who are facing death. I will take the soul faster then imaginable. I will be the god of this earth, the one and supreme who is feared by the masses.

As for me in my human body, fear me. I will from this day forth, try to make life as miserable and unmanageable for as many people as I can. I am out to kill friendships, desires, and possibilities. No more will I care what is said, as what will be said will be my little vile and sick rumors. I will only get along with those who can give me something, as money has and will forever more be my mistress, my wife, and my bitch. So, those who have money that I need, I will serve in whichever way I need too. Those who don't, I no longer have need for. Please, don't waste my time.....not anymore.

Danger lurks around every corner for me now. I am playing a game of cat and cat with the legal system, one that I will win......of this I know. Winning to me is freedom, any way it may be. Danger beckons me, drives me. I have no use anymore for people who can't provide me with some excitement.

I have no positives to wake up to anymore....that died as of today. Now, I only have to wake up to see who I can make miserable that day. That will be what I wake for...to strike fear in the hearts of people, to have them shudder and think evil of me when they see me. I will be the one who takes candy from a kid, intentionally drive past someone walking in the rain, saying mean things. I have no remorse, no regrets. I have become evil, and have given my soul, for the final time, to my dreams of causing fear. There is no turning back...don't try.

Some people have said they want me to see a psychologist.....maybe I should, to make him my first soul victim. When he has contact with me, his soul will wither and die, and I will walk out content, stronger then before. As time goes, I will be alone, rich, and famous, if only for causing fear in the masses. Alone will be the only way to be....no phone calls, no texts, no drama anymore. Not having to waste my breathe to tell someone how I am, or how my day was. I'm sure I was born to be a loner. I embrace it, and will always walk away from any situation a better person then the next person.

Evil abounds. I have embraced it, as what society calls evil, I will call good, since society is the one who said what I did was wrong, and have not lifted up since then. If society says it's wrong, then it must be right. That's what I have learned. Of course, little kid rapers and people like that should be killed outright, but others should never be seen in front of the judge...the same judge who did it himself many years before.

I know the people who consider themselves will read this blog and think I've lost my mind, need some serious help, or something else. Well, while you may be right, I won't get help. It's to late for me. Today's events just pushed me over the edge for good, and I have no desire, nor the strength to continue on. If I smell a cop, psycho person, or my mom coming to talk to me, it will be to late, as I will be dead, and starting my reign of eternal terror. Don't push it.....if you all let go, and say go, it will be better. Better to stop fighting for dead weight like me, then to get pulled down with me. Get away....it will be fine. The only promise I could make, is I won't terrorize you from beyond the grave.

This is all. No, it is not over for me yet, in body state. In every other way it is. I am no longer a living human being. I am an evil spirit, in a body of a man who was once decent, who was puished and pulled and shoved so much he finally killed himself in a spiritual sense. I am only a body......if you don't believe me, look into my eyes and look. There is no depth. It is black, and empty of all emotion. Nothing, from this day forward, will harm me, or give me pain. To all of you who have started shit, misread my intentions, or otherwise fucked me, I will get even in ways you can and will not ever imagine, mainly by taking your spiritual lives and ripping it out like the Mayans used to rip out the hearts of their sacrificial victims.
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