I've been exposed !

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I got a shock this morning. I post quite regularly on another forum to do with army. I'll be honest at times I got a little bit wound up and safe in my anonymity, I mouthed off a lot.

I think a lot of it was to do with the fact that while you're in the army you're expected to keep your mouth shut and just get on with it. Anywho I've been posting quite a while and ahm I've ahm got a few negative comments. Anywho someone read through all my posts that refering to different places I served and was able to work out my real name.

I think the main reason he did it was to make sure that I was actually in the army and not just some flamer anywho I got an email this morning and I nearly wet myself. Hubby had to remind me that I wasn't in the army anymore and there was fuck all anybody could do.

Anywho I don't know who this guy is he said he had no intention of posting my name on the forum he just said that I'd annoyed him with one particular thing I had posted and that he had wanted to check up on me.

Anywho I don't think anything will come of it but I'm taking it as a warning lesson. I've posted so many embarressing episodes from my sex life in here that the last thing I want is for this to get out.

* * *

Anywho as for my day well it started off with a shag as per usual. I've never really been a fan of sex straight after I've woken up but hubby and I made an agreement that we'd stick to our routine sexually. Anywho I was aching downstairs after the sex last night. I was very nearly going to play the 'I'm sore' card but then thought better of it. Hubby would only feel guilty about fucking me while i was dry yesterday.

Anywho hubby splashed loads of lube on so it was okay. Actually the best part was hubby putting on the lube. He's always really gentle when he handles my vagina he's never realised that he doesn't actually have to work the lube right into me, but it feeels quite nice so I've always let him do it. The disadvantage of the lube is that he lasts for ages and I have to really bear down on him to finish. Plus though he doesn't realise himself he's quite big, and he doesn't really start to feel it untill he's all the way in.I don't cum myself but I rarely do in the mornings.

It's time like these I wish he'd let me give him oral sex. I know he does sometimes think about it when I kneel down to wash his cock in the shower but I doubt he'll ever change his mind.

* * *

Anywho D came by about noon, when we getting ready in a plaintive way she said that she had lost 6 pounds in the last month. I really felt for her and tried to boost her confidence saying she'd have to buy all new clothes soon.

Then I discovered that she had been a bitch and not invited her friend again so I kicked off and insisted she ring K there and then and that we were going to wait for her. Anywho D does work in the gym these days but only if I make her, and fuck up my own workout in the process.

Anywho I felt more alive after my work out and i even went for a run when I got back. Being a true housewife I just finished dinner as hubby's working late tonight. I'm still not really in form for a heavy shagging tonight so the plan is for dinner then a good snog on the couch and then a nice gentle shag after he's good and worked up.
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