Moofafa Jan 8, 2012
I'm no medical expert but your symptioms appear to suggest: (a) drug abuse/dependency and/or (b) antisocial and depressive personality disorders, both of which can lead to suicide by immolation. Call 911 and turn yourself in to prevent harm to yourself and others. If not that then at least call the Suicide Prevention Center.

However, on the whole, I think your story is fake. If true, the laws of physics and physiology dictate against your survival. And someone crazy enough to do what you claim and write out the deatils would dwell mostly on their mental agony and the reasons for their actions. Your essay doesn't give any hint of your mental state such as severe depression, hearing voices, hallucinations, self-hatred, the desire to harm someone by your death or to protest something to get publicity. The guy in Tunisia who immolated himself and started the Arab Spring at least had a reason for doing what he did. You don't.

And people who are so demented that they obsess on self harm and write about it are not as careful as you are in forming good topic sentences.

Try it again but with sufficient agony and emotion to grab the attention of the "seen it, done it" people who populate this site.

On the whole, it reads like a story