I'm so sorry

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I know I've been away for a good bit now, and I really feel bad about why I have been. Life has gotten really rough for me in the last few weeks. I'm probably looking at losing my current home, still can't find work, have no car, no money (My FAFSA delayed my schooling for a few months, no school means no GI Bill, which is all I've been living off of for now). I got desperate, terrified, and lonely.

All this weighed down so heavily on me, so I downed a bunch of sleeping pills and tried to end my suffering. However, it didn't work, and being ill and in bed for nearly a week meant what few friends I have kept me hydrated and alive, despite my weak struggling against their aid.

I can only hope things will get better for me, but there's really no relief in sight. I can only hope, and sometimes that's really tough to do. I'm just so sorry that I dropped so low as to try to end my life, and I hope ya'll don't think any less of me for it *hugs all of you*
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