I know frustration

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Here I am at my computer again. Often when I'm frustrated I come here.
Sometimes I write about it. I'm horny and frustrated. I love my
husband but he is selfish and he does not want sex much. Earlier
tonight I gave him a hand job and then he went to sleep! He loves my
hand job. I do it very slowly. There's a little spot on the under side
of his cock that's very sensitive. I don't touch the head. Right at
the start I push his foreskin back so the head is exposed, but I never
touch the head directly. The head stays exposed all the time; I don't
move the foreskin up and down over it like I've seen other men do when
they masturbate. His sensitive spot is on the under side, just back of
the head, where the bulge of his urethra meets the head of his penis.

Don't do big movements, just a tiny little circular motion around that
sensitive place. I know when he's about to come; his cock gets really
hard. His balls also become very tight. Initially they kinda hang down
between his legs, but just before orgasm they pull upwards tight up
against the base of his cock.

At this stage I don't hold his cock at all, just touch with one finger
on that special area. As he contracts with the first spasm of his
orgasm his cock lifts straight up, away from my touch-and with that
the stimulation stops and of course he does not ejaculate. I wait a
few seconds and then gently touch again, just with a fingernail. Again
he'll contract and his penis jumps, stands up straigth and rigid for a
second, again away from my finger.

I can make him come at any time now, but I play like this for a short
while, keeping him from coming. He is squirming and breathing hard. I
think he likes it that I decide when he can come.

Finally, I hold his penis right at the base, as far away from the head
as possible, between thumb and fore finger. I push down pulling his
foreskin down as far as possible, causing a tight pressure and the
head of his cock to bend downward a little. Just a little, not too
hard, so that his orgasm comes slowly. I hold it like that normally
for a couple of seconds and then BANG-BANG-BANG he comes, cock jumping
wildly and semen falling in squirts on his belly.

And then he goes to sleep :( I'm horny, but I don't want to masturbate
there in the bed with him. I come here and sometimes I satisfy myself.
Sometimes I browse the photos of men on this site. Women too. I'm
aroused by women masturbating. It makes me feel it's okay for me to
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