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That the last 10 years are over, the nightmare that was my life is now at an end, and that I can now start being the real me. I don't have to lie or hide behind a story to appease the greater powers that be anymore, and I can actually start telling my story the way it was meant to be told.

I have weathered an immense storm that consisted of wrongful accusations, backstabbing "friends", cheating girlfriends and wife, anger and rage a daily companion to what was my normal life.

Today was the last day of that, and I sit here finding myself smiling for real for the first time in a decade, happy beyond anything anyone can comprehend. I'm listening to one of my old favorite songs from the beginning of my nightmare decade, and I'm giddy. It used to depress me, and I dwelt in it.

Now I can be me, without fear that someone can say something and try to ruin my life. Amazing!! I know very few people know what I'm talking about, or why I'd be so happy, but until you've walked in my shoes, very few will ever know, because words don't begin to describe.

So, beers and cheers to those who've fallen in the last 10 years, to those who have lived a life in total fear that someone can say one word and ruin it, to those who may have been set up and rail roaded by money hungry people that they looked up to, to the very few who have walked in my shoes and smell the sweet end of an era that tried to define us, but we came out better in the end.

I will no longer live in fear or discontentment. I will be me, the ever so smiling country dude who loves rock, metal, and techno. I will not be scared to tell a truth, as I have no more fears of repercussion. I have let go of my anger at those who caused this pain, and I'm better for it. At the end of the day, I came out a better man, but not a broken one, because I WILL NEVER be broken.
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