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Got good news about potentially moving in with the woman who I want to be my SO, though that's about a year off.

Got a reply to my personal ad, but after I replied to them, didn't get an answer back yet. Hopefully this wasn't just a tease and they just had something in real life to deal with or something.

University work is really starting to weigh down on me. I mean, I still have over 90% in both of my classes as of this post, but I can now understand why the graduation rate is only 5%.

Pell Grant should be in early next month, if all goes well. Which means I could potentially be moved down to North Carolina hopefully around early to mid November. *crosses fingers*

Tired, but not sleepy. Just kind of exhausted, frustrated (sexually and non), and dealing with some drama that arose with some friends. I could really go for a good, hard fucking.

Makes me wish I was born a woman, be so much easier to get some when I wanted it. I can feel some women already starting to get upset at that statement, but men are easier lays. Prove me wrong :3
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