How to deal with Men

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I know....people find the fact that venting online when they are mad, ridiculing their SO will make them feel better. Like posting on FB "Some people are selfish" and then having many people just KNOW who you are referring to.


I'm doing this constructively. I learnt a lesson, not today, but close enough, i REALISED a form of action i take to deal with men.

You see, they like short and sweet (like me ;) ), to the point. So this explains that.

I write emails like a snow flake. I write some sentences, read over and find something else to expand on, branching them out further, and etc. Until i have an essay.

I think men do not like to read so much criticism and feelings.

So instead of writing an essay saying how pissed off i am. I force myself to turn everything back into 1 sentence per paragraph again. Which takes time, and cooling down.

It's good because it says what i have to to communicate and form a stronger relationship, as well as not pissing him off in the meanwhile and making him feel under-appreciated and worthless.

Then i send.

(but i always keep a copy of the "journal angry" one, because it's good to vent.)

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