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Hmmm so she wants a few more
details does she...?
Deciding to meet in a
hotel is a better option, I make my way to the hotel very
excited about what may happen in the next few hours...even
if I just jerk off in front of you both that’s cool...
I get to the hotel and meet your husband in
reception. We shake hands and grab a quick drink to chat
about what’s about to happen as you finish preparing
yourself in the room.
I can tell he’s as
excited as I am by the bulge that’s straining to be
release from his pants too...drinks consumed we make our way
toward you, anticipation building. He opens the door and
lets me in first. What greets me is amazing. There YOU are
wearing your green bra & panty set just lying
seductively on the bed awaiting us both. He enters the room
locking the door behind him, walks over to you and kisses
you passionately whilst you remove his

I take a seat,
rubbing my crotch through my pants as you proceed to swallow
his cock and expertly suck him off. This is so hot, time
for me to wank too, so off come the shoes, socks, boxers
& pants as I begin to fondle my dick as you suck your
husband off expertly...
I play with myself
for a while enjoying the show you are putting on, you then
beckon me to you and start to suck on my cock whilst wanking
your husband off...AMAZING!! if this is all that happens
then WOW..but no. He makes his way down to your juicy shaven
pussy, pushes your panties to one side and proceeds to eat
you out as you eat my cock..
I can’t
contain myself much longer due to your expert tongue &
mouth and I explode in your mouth. Your husband continues to
eat you out as I get myself hard again and watch has he
slides into your pussy and begins to fuck you. I move toward
your breasts and start to
suck on
your nipples as you stroke my cock for
me...(My cock is hard typing this!)
point to the dresser where there’s a tube of anal mind is racing here!!! I grab the lube and rub
copious amounts into your ass hole as hubby carries on
fucking you. I lube my cock up for you and slowly (and as
painlessly as possible) ease into your tight ass and begin
to fuck your ass as hubby fucks your cunt. Never in my
wildest dreams did I think this would happen when I met
hubby in the reception!!!
We both bang away
at your holes for a good while, driving you crazy with
passion & you buck several times so we know how turned
on you are...hubby then withdraws, taps me on the shoulder
saying he wants your ass now. I withdraw and make my way to
your pussy to slide into you and fuck you hard as hubby
fills you ass...we fuck like crazy until everyone needs to
cum. Hubby fills your ass with his cum, I fill your cunt
with my cum as you soak me with your gorgeous pussy
juices. We both withdraw
and you grab our cocks, taking it in turns to drain our
balls of cum. We then both proceed to eat out your pussy and
clean up all the lovely mess we made down there...

Round two is only a few
minutes away....can’t wait!!

How was that? Hope it gets her
all worked up and she fucks you
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