Hot, Hot, Sexy Showers

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I love water. Who doesn't like a shower fuck or getting a blow job in the shower? On vacation this previous winter, we were in the shower after a day on the beach. I took the shower gel and started washing hubby all over his back. I deliberately avoided his cock and gave him instructions not to touch me at all unless I asked him, too. I started washing his chest down to his waist. I looked down and saw that he was hard as a rock. And it turned me on so much. My pussy was starting to hum. If I allowed him to touch me, he would be able to feel how slick I was. I get down on my knees and kiss the head of his cock. I open my mouth and slowly take it into my mouth. He put his hands on my head. I tell him No and shoo his hands away. I suck his dick and the increase the speed sucking and moving up and down on him, the shower water continues to spray and run down borh of us. I'm so turned on. I stop and turn my ass to him and tell him to fuck me hard. He obliges me and starts to penetrate me oh so slowly to tease me. He knows I want it fast and furious. He puts his hands on my waist and I steady myself and out my forearms the shower walls to brave myself because I know I'm going to get pounded so hard. He decides to slowly pump his cock in and out of me. The feeling is absolutely delicious as he fills me up with each stroke in and slowly pulls out. I am shaking in anticipation. He hesitates for a second, pulls me more upright against the shower wall, moves my hair away from my neck and starts to kiss my neck all over. I instantly orgasm. He quickly moves back and I again relax, he starts pouring me furiously. I start cumming again and again. Finally, he shoot his load. We get out of the shower and go to take a nap.
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