Hot and Steamy!

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I got an e-reader for Christmas. I have always read romances. I am a romantic at heart :lol Never bought books from book stores, have always picked them up at thrift stores, garage sales, anywhere cheap. So just picked up what was available.

Not anymore!:D A whole new world has opened up. I have found some of the most hot and steamy reads ever. Well for me. The sex is very detailed and I can close my eyes and see it! Better than porn because I can visualize it in my head and make the characters look how I want them to look! (and none of the yucky sounds from porn video's:lol) Not to mention the romance side. I can read a book or two a day if time allows. But all the reading, keeps me horny even more than before.

I even picked up a book on how to give blow jobs. One of the best things, I've ever done! While my husband enjoyed them before, he really is enjoying them now!:p

Definitely has opened my eyes to more and more! The more I read, the more I want.
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