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She's a dark raven beauty
Hips that curve with a flare
Curves that taunt a weak me
To take her if I dare

How can one resist
My sultry wicked wench
You know I must take you
So I'll splay you across the bench.

Firm hands manhandle thick thighs
Legs spread wide open
Your mine for the taking
Rough play is what your hopen.

My lips lap at your slit
Tongue wagging at your clit
I feel you start to shiver
With intense orgasmic quiver

You scream and cry for more
As my member enters your door
Filling all your goodness
Pushing all into this goddess.

I fill you with my seed
Leaving no more want or need
Hold me now with whispers more
For the one I do adore.
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  • Dogooder
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