Her little house bitch

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By way of explanation. I've known this guy ages, and I love him to bits. He near enough begged me to hang his kinky knickers out online. A fetish all in itself? Careful what you wish for.

Remember back in the pub, babe?

By the river? And we were just sitting, talking, drinking. Waiting for her to come. Finally she turned up. She was wearing those high black boots and the leather dress. (I'd always thought they'd get on but he couldn't take his eyes off her )

And didn't you just love those heels. I saw you looking. Maybe I'd told her that you were a bit of a legs and heels man? Can't remember. Yeah but I lie a lot. She had you nailed from the start, I reckon.

She was looking to move out. His eyes went wide. I saw it, I knew what was coming. She did too. Rich mummy, big flat. Spare room.

How long was it before she was in there? Two weeks. No boyfriend, job. Nice pliant young man with space to spare and a whole new plan of what to do with it. A few young professional woman as friends, all a bit competitive but candy wouldn't melt... cos candy just gets crunched, if she bites and not sucks.

Oh, but she doesn't clean, does she babe.

But then why should she? Always some man ready to help a damsel in distress. Ready to get on his knees and be her little bitch. You told here there was a cleaner. You really think no one knew? Sweet, though. Wiping her boots with your Spiderman comics. So how did it feel, babe. When she 'caught' you?

Down to business. Boy, was she the girl for you. Maybe there's a lot of guys would think this was them. Maybe there's not just one leather and stiletto loving pervy in the world? Because that's exactly how it was with the guy I'm talking about. She knew a soft touch when she saw it. Meals made, lifts home. Hugs, dirty talking and..

I'll tell you a secret. He acts all cocky but...

He likes to clean floors after she's walked all over them in her dirty boots. How does he like to do that...?

He likes to get on the rug when she's watching telly and lie at her feet. Under her feet, if I'm honest. He specially likes to do this if she has 'one of her close friends' over and he sure shows how much he loves it if she plays with his cock while it's under her feet and 'they' talk about how many inches it isn't... he likes it specially if she's wearing shoes and even better if they're sharp heels. That's not a problem. She likes a nice shoe. Got plenty. Indoors our outdoors. Her all dressed up. Him naked except his little invisible pinny?

He likes her to have friends over especially if they wear their spiky stilettos on his old mum's wood floors. Always nice to have an excuse to dig a specially spiky pair out of the wardrobe and pop over somewhere for a nice drink... Works well for her, too. She likes to tread in the mess after he's wanked over the floorboards where she's walked all over them in those specially sharp heeled black boots...

So speaking for myself, her friends are only too happy to help out. Goes nicely with a glass or two of wine, a bit of banter about some lame sod's naked cock that's being squashed under a friend's boot as she chats away about...

Don't know what all the guys and girls on the internet will be thinking though? Maybe they'll want to know more. How? Why? Who knows.

See you soon

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