Heather’s Best Anniversary Ever!

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This story is from our actual 25th wedding anniversary. Nothing was planned. We were just going to have a good time. Dinner, drinks, dancing and lots of fucking (just her and I of course).
We ended up having the best time of our lives and it truly has brought us closer. This was her first time with other men besides me and I enjoyed it just as much as she did. I hope you enjoy our story. Some pictures chosen by the wife for your enjoyment.

Heather’s Best Anniversary Ever

This story begins on our 25th wedding anniversary. My wife Heather, who is truly amazing, is intelligent, funny, and also very beautiful. She is 5 feet and 2 inches and around 120lbs.with black hair and beautiful blue eyes. She’s 45 years old and wears a 34C cup bra with great curves and pale skin (doesn’t tan). She looks really young for her age. I’m 6 feet tall and 240lbs, blonde hair with blue eyes. We both workout and look pretty good for our age. My cock is really thick and around 7 inches long. We have a very satisfying and adventurous sex life. We will try anything once and twice if we’re not sure. We’ve had some threesomes with me, her and her girl friends. Always ask if she would like another guy as well and she says no and smiles. So I know deep down she would like two cocks. We have a trunk full of sex toys (twice a month is sex toy night) and she has tons of lingerie. I’ll admit I spoil her deservedly so. She’s an amazing wife, friend and lover. I’ll do anything to satisfy her and make her happy. She’ll do the same for me and we’re completely smitten and in love. This I know. But anyway let’s get to the story.

We checked into the hotel and spa and I already had her booked for the spa so it basically took all day for her to get ready. Hair, nail, face, etc…. I don’t mind. She deserves it. She’s comes back to the room and looks so beautiful and relaxed. As she’s getting her dress on, a form fitting little black dress, I notice she’s not putting on any underwear on and I’m already turned on. I make a comment and she just smiles. It’s going to be a good night.

Our anniversary started out with reservations to dinner and dancing. We had a really nice dinner with drinks of course. Heather really can handle her alcohol and we go to a dance club where we start doing shots and cocktails. We’re dancing and having a great time and guys can’t take there eyes off of her. Heather is fun to be around and an extrovert so I know she notices guys staring. We’re dancing close and she grabs my hand and pulls it toward her shaved pussy which is quite wet.

“I can do whatever I want tonight,” she whispers.

Instant hard on. W e sat down to rest because we had been dancing for a couple of hours. We ordered more drinks and talked about what a great evening we were having. I notice two guys are standing at the bar and they keep turning around and looking at my wife. So I wave them over and ask them do they like what you see and they’re nervous and such. They’re names are Derek and Rayford and they’re probably in their late twenties, young and fit. They wanted to ask Heather to dance but didn’t want to make me mad. I’m not the jealous type so I say if it’s okay with her I’m fine with it. Heather agrees to dance with them and goes to the dance floor. I love watching her have fun and she was getting these two guys worked up I’m quite sure. So Heather loves the attention and I get this idea to be sneaky and invite Derek and Rayford back to the room for whatever. This is my chance to return the favor to my wife for the threesomes with her friends. So they come off the dance floor and my wife sits down right between them and places a hand on both their legs.

Right then I know it just might happen, the fantasy of all fantasies. I casually ask Heather if she would like to invite her two new friends to the room for a night cap. I see then a twinkle in her eyes and a smile. She’s hooked. Derek and Rayford look at each other and say of course we’ll come and little do they know how much they’ll cum. I give them our room number at the hotel and tell them to come up whenever they feel like it.

Heather and I go back to the room and she’s talking nonstop and nervous. “Are you sure this is what you want,” I ask. She shakes her head excitedly and says, “Hell yes.” She really wants to and so I tell her to go get a bath and relax. I run her a bath and pour some champagne. She drops a bath bomb in and gets in and relaxes. About the time she gets in the bath Derek and Rayford knock at the door. I let them in and both are nervous so I try to get them to relax. We set down and start to talk. Derek and Rayford are both med students and come from very influential families in the area. I can see they’re relaxing and I go to check on Miss Heather. I peak into the door and she’s totally relaxed. “Are you okay,” I ask. “Absolutely great,” She says. I ask her do you want me to send the boys in to check on you and she says oh yes. I call the guys in and tell them tonight is your lucky night because Miss Heather wants you to take care of her. Both boys shake their heads and I tell them to have fun. I’m going to set up some cameras which we do a lot. This is the first time we’ve actually ever had two other guys so I must record this for future fun! While I’m setting up the cameras Derek and Rayford go in the bathroom and talk to Miss Heather. They’re laughing and drinking champagne. She’s talking away like she always does. I’m so happy that I can give this to my wife because I feel like I need to keep sex interesting and let her know I’ll do anything for her! Including let two guys fuck the shit out of her! I’ve got things in the room set up: 4 cameras and a handheld cam because I really want to see my wife’s beautiful body get ravaged by these guys.

I hear my wife ask Rayford and Derek if they’re ready to make her dreams cum true and I can tell they’re nervous and excited. So they pick my wife up out of the bath and carry her to the bed like she’s a queen and dry her off. She then asks them if they will give her a massage and they are all in so I’ve already got coconut oil melted and ready. The both dive right in and gently caress her body from head to toe, but carefully avoid contact with her pussy, ass, or tits. I can tell she’s about to orgasm just from their touch. She can actually orgasm just from a massage without touching her pussy.

So she tells Derek and Rayford that they can take their clothes off and get comfortable. This is when things get interesting. Rayford takes his clothes off and he’s muscular and slim with a cock about 7 inches long and the same thickness as mine. Miss Heather is pleasantly pleased. And then Derek drops his pants and the biggest, thickest cock I’ve ever seen pops out. He’s at least 12 inches long and 3 inches thick. Miss Heather swore at the size. I spit champagne out my nose. “Derek smiles.” Miss Heather smiles and can’t take her eyes off of his cock. “ Is everything okay,” I ask. She sheepishly shakes her head, “Sure.” To be honest with you I wasn’t having reservations about this and I’m actually excited. Miss Heather was probably having reservations but I know she wanted to try it and I was okay with it. I love fucking my wife after she has had a large dildo and I suddenly have hard on.

So Miss Heather gets on her knees and grabs both cocks and starts to stroke them. She takes Rayford’s cock in her mouth and starts to work it, deep throating his cock to his balls. I can tell he’s about to shoot his load and he looks at me for an okay. I shake my head okay and he unloads and my wife swallows every bit and licks his cock clean. The next thing I know she grabs Derek’s monster cock with both hands and starts stroking. Then she takes it in her mouth, slowly at first, and then tries to deep throat his cock. I could tell it wasn’t going to happen but she takes all she can while stroking his big dick like a porn star. I can see Derek is not going to last long so I nod my head okay and he holds the back of Miss Heather’s head and unloads. It must have been a huge load because she’s swallowing as fast as she can and suddenly, there’s cum bursting out of her nose. Derek starts to apologize but Miss Heather is okay with it. She had actually orgasmed at the same time and squirted without anyone touching her. God I love her!!!

By this time I’m about to explode so I pull my cock out and blow cum all over her tits which she loves. She licks up every bit. I tell the boys they have to go down on Miss Heather and make her super wet although she already is. Derek goes down and starts to lick and suck her swollen pussy lips, while she sucks Rayford’s dick. In two seconds my wife fills Derek’s mouth with a huge squirt. Derek is amazed and tells Rayford you’ve got to try this. Apparently they had never seen a woman squirt. Rayford goes down and starts to work that pussy with his tongue while fingering her twat with some real intensity. In less than a minute she squirts a load of cum in Rayfords mouth soaking the sheets. Both guys are amazed and horny at the same time. They can’t believe this is happening to them.

By now both boys have recovered and have hard cocks again. I swear Derek’s dick is bigger than before and I’m both excited and perplexed. I know Heather’s ready for that giant cock but I think she needs to work her way up to it. She tells Rayford to fuck her and he mounts her in a missionary position and start to fuck her slow and long. She’s really into it and after about a minute she explodes in a deep vaginal orgasm and has multiple orgasms while he picks up the pace and start to fuck her with everything he’s got. She’s rocking and moaning. Her eyes are rolled back in her head and all of a sudden Rayford slams his cock deep and he explodes in her pussy, this time without seeking my approval. There’s cum frothing out of her pussy as he continues to unload in her. I can see it flooding out all around his shaft, there’s so much. I’m filming this all the while and can’t believe I’m capturing this moment close up. After filling her, Rayford actually goes down on Miss Heather and cleans his jizz up. He licks her pussy to pristine condition again. I’ve never seen her pussy lips so full and swollen. God this exciting! Derek is sitting in the chair stroking his monster and I can see that Miss Heather is ready now.

Although my wife’s pussy is well lubed, I tell Derek to slap some coconut oil on his cock and in her pussy. Miss Heather bends over in a doggy position and tells Derek to take it slow and Derek says yes ma’am. He guides his cock to her already swollen pussy lips and slides the head in slowly. He slowly feeds that monster into Miss Heather pussy and she is a stretched beyond anything I’ve ever seen. However she doesn’t wince with pain once and starts to actually back her ass up on his cock. Before I know it all but about 2 inches is fed into her sweet stretched and swollen pussy. Finally with one last push he feeds all of that monster into her and starts to stroke her slow. She is purring like a cat and finally she cums so hard she squirts Derek’s dick out along with about a gallon of her juice.

At this point I can’t believe what I’m seeing and almost cum. She orders Derek to lie down, saying she wants to mount him. She climbs on that cock and I’m thinking no way she can take it all like that. She slides down on his cock and damn if her pussy didn’t swallow his whole cock, every last inch to the base. She’s riding him like a pro and she’s not stopping until she drains him dry. By now she’s in another dimension and is in complete ecstasy. I get this idea that I’m going to sneak up behind and slide my cock into her well lubed ass. I get behind her and she tells me no, she wants me to try to double vag her. I stick my fingers in around Derek’s cock and damn if she’s not loose enough for two fingers. I lube my cock good and bend her over and slide my cock right next to Derek’s in her sweet fucking pussy. We’re both working her pussy hard now and she starts to cum over and over again. Finally Derek and I cum and fill her pussy. She rolls over and cum is flowing out of her pussy. She is completely satisfied. Derek says he doesn’t want to leave her like that. He dives right in and eats all the cum out of her pussy, including mine. I kiss Heather gently on the lips and she actually thanks me for the best night ever. However, she doesn’t want it to end.

I ask Rayford and Derek if they would like to stay a little longer and they both eagerly agree to. I tell them I don’t know what’s she’s got planned but be ready for any thing.

Now we’re hanging around drinking more champagne and my wife brings the subject of anal up and I already know what she wants: Derek’s cock! Now you would think Miss Heather would be totally exhausted, but she is extremely resilient and we fuck for hours sometimes. We’re both marathon fuckers, always have been since we were dating. That’s why her girlfriends always want to come over. They know I can cum and keep fucking. I don’t really know how I do it but I’ve always been able to keep hard after cumming. I also produce a huge amount of cum. Enough about us. Miss Heather’s getting wet again.

She gets on her knees and we gather around while she sucks and strokes our cocks. She gets on the bed and wants Derek to eat her out again while she sucks Rayford’s and my cock. Derek’s going to town and she enjoying sucking both of our cocks. I tell Derek to eat her ass out and lube it up good. We’re all going to fuck that ass. She’s really turned on now and her asshole starts to pulsate. I tell Derek to slide his cock in her pussy while I finger her asshole. Derek slides it in deep and hard and she hardly winces. I know she ready now. Derek lies down and she climbs on again deep and I line up to stick my cock in her ass. I slide it in her ass slow and easy, but she tells me to slam her ass hard and deep. I hit it as hard as I’ve ever hit anything. Derek and I are sliding in and out like 2 pistons and she’s having orgasms right and left and screaming to fuck her harder. I can’t take it anymore and blow my load deep in her ass. I’m still hard so I keep going. I pull out and Rayford slides his cock in her ass, hard and deep. I stand over Derek while she sucks my cock, moaning. Rayford finally can’t take anymore and blows his load in her ass. He pulls out and she licks him clean.

Now it’s time for Derek’s go at her ass. I lay down and she climbs on my cock like it’s nothing. I can’t feel her pussy, it’s so stretched. Derek gets behind her and slides the head in her ass and I can see her eyes roll back in her head and she screams , “fuck my ass deep!” Derek feeds it slow and as he fills her ass I feel her pussy start to tighten up.

She’s bucking and moaning and yelling, “fuck me hard!”

Derek slides the monster all the way in and we get into a rhythm. After a couple of minutes Miss Heather has a simultaneous anal and pussy orgasm, but doesn’t want us to stop. We keep stroking until we are both about to cum. Miss Heather’s pussy and ass are pulsating with wave after wave of orgasm and finally Derek and I both cum deep in her. We pull out and she cleans both of our cocks. I kiss her deeply while Derek and Rayford clean her pussy and ass from all the cum. She has one more orgasm and just lays there naked while we talk about how amazing Miss Heather is. By this time, the sun is coming up and Derek and Rayford have to go. We say our goodbyes and exchange phone numbers. I don’t know if this will happen again but there’s always a special occasion we may line something up. I send Rayford and Derek naked pictures of Miss Heather once in awhile. Derek says he jacks off to her all the time. Rayford says it’s hard to find a woman to fuck, because he compares everyone to my wife. Apparently she’s the best ever. I already knew that.

After Derek and Rayford left Heather and I fucked and I came in her pussy. We just laid there and kissed and talked. She thanked me for everything and I promised her we would do this again if she wanted. She smiled and said maybe. I’ve got everything on video and this goes in our private collection.

A couple of weeks go by and we watched the video. She couldn’t believe that she took all that cock. She made herself cum while she watched it. We love to watch “the video”. Her friends have watched it with us and they all cum within a couple of minutes. I’m trying to get Heather to release the video and get paid for it. We’re both hesitant because of our jobs. All together we have an edited version of 3.5 hours of awesome fucking. She has a friend who edited the 5 cameras and we have a really professional looking video. Derek and Rayford don’t care if we release it. No names were changed in this story and every bit happened and yes Derek measures 12.3 inches long and 3.2 inches thick. And he’s rock hard. My wife’s pussy did go back by the way and it’s actually tighter, but changed a little. She’s deeper. We’ve started to try fisting. I’ve got huge hands so it makes it hard. But she can take my hand now and her orgasms are more intense than ever. She’s also a lot more into anal which is nice. I bought her a bad dragon dildo that’s 4 inches thick so she’s definitely getting the stretch. I love my wife more for this experience and our marriage is better and more amazing than ever. It brings a closeness that we cherish. We totally trust each other and we only do this together. I can’t wait to try to top this, but it’s going to be hard. We talked about a black cock gangbang and I think she’ll eventually do it. Whatever makes her happy. We’re probably going to start swinging together. We’ve checked on a couple of clubs out of town and have been accepted so who know. Anyway, this is not the end. It’s,

The Beginning
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