health part 3

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so basically, I am not even talkin about the weight loss, it is a side effect. sugar fucks your health, simple. but the first place from food is animal fat. animal fat is a pure calorie just like sugar, but, it when it gets into your liver, that is how you get all the cholesterol, which later gives you an infarct

what is really fucked up about the eating, is it is such a giant habit, so when you imagine that you gotta change everything, you are literally collapse when you imagine, trying to. jus like I said before, don't add sugar into your coffee, tea, that is the first thing to do, because it is the easiest. don't change everything. keep on eating those cakes you so like, candies, etc. do at least something. don't concentrate on the overall goal. if you wanna improve yourself today, no fuckin sugar in your coffee, tea

that is the first thing to do

by the way, I am fat

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