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I called in sick today. You can't get any work done on Halloween. The kids are too excited, or too cool - but nobody is paying attention. So, I called school and told them I had a stomach bug.

Three hours later I was actually sick. Karma is a bitch.

So, I got to enjoy candy bowl duty. Which was fun and pleasant. I was really impressed at some of the costumes I saw. It is nice to see people put in the effort. One kid in a wheelchair was dressed up as a dragon rider - totally awesome.

Wife went out chaperoning younger kids. We used to take turns chaperoning Daughter, but she is old enough to take a couple of younger kids under her wings and look out for them. We are quite proud of her.
There was a minor mishap, though. Daughter was dressed as a witch. I did not know that witches wore short skirts and showed off way too much of their midriff, but, as Wife and Daughter pointed out, I don't know anything.

Of course Daughter and Current Boyfriend went off later. She had mentioned that she might not come home tonight.

Around 7 pm Wife called to tell me that Coach was going to take her to a proper Halloween party. I didn't even know there were Halloween parties going on. Sure, the kids always have parties - school be damned. But Halloween parties for adults? But, Coach knew a party, and he was going to take her there.

She got home at 6 am, smelling of sex, and barely able to move. I haven't seen her fall asleep this quickly ever.
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