Good morning.

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It was mid morning on a sunday, why we had not stayed in bed was a mystery to me....guess you have to eat some time. We sat across the table from one another, smiling as the bacon and eggs slowly vanished from our plates.

You were such a sight, straight, waist length black hair, big brown eyes, brown skin and powty lips. Sitting there topless, your sweet, perky breasts sporting chocolate nipples, I was getting that feeling again and you saw it in my eyes.

"honeeeeyyy" said, tilting your head and smiling.

"I think you need to open up the gates of heaven again, and let the devil inside"....I answered firmly.

We had just had a round of warm, sleepy morning sex that blew my mind....but I was getting hard again, your sweet little shape turning me on. I took a sip of orange juice as you stood up with your plate, revealing the tiny panties that hid your tight little pussy.

You pranced away to the kitchen as my eyes traced the lines of your hot, soft ass. God damn I wanted to fuck you again. You were expert at making me want your sex, knew everything about what made me desire it.

You walked back in, straight faced. Stood an inch from me and grabbed my plate, making sure your beautiful little breasts brushed across my face......that was it.....

I grabbed you around the waist and pulled you to my lips, holding you firmly, licking and sucking your sweet tits. You made that noise that I love as you ran your fingers through my hair. Your hard chocolate buds were playthings for my hot tongue as my hands slipped down to your perfect ass.

As I worked your tits, I could smell your were getting wet. My hand found the source, wet cotton clinging to it, hot, slick and ready for me. I stood and picked you up, carrying you to the big double chair in the living room, kissing as we went. You were always so good at this, your kisses going right to my reptile brain.

I lay you down gently, kissing you again, one hand on a perky mound, the other stroking your soaking panties. My cock was raging now, aching and driving me to lay down on you and grind as we kissed deeper.

"baby"? you always purred.

"mmmm"?....I moaned as I kissed your neck, all the while dry fucking you.

"kiss me there" cooed.

"mmmm"...I responded, lifting from you slightly.

I let my eyes drink you in for a moment, squeezing your soft tits, my cock had popped out of my boxer briefs and was dripping pre-come. I started kissing your nipples as my hand found your hips. You closed your eyes and moaned ..."yeah baby.....yeah".

You loved to talk like that, purring and moaning your way to orgasm, and I loved it too. I slowly placed wet kisses down your belly, past your tattoo, blowing on them as I went...."baby....oh" shifted your hips and spread a little wider.

I finally reached your soaking mound, stroking my cock as I arrived. You smelled fantastic, my senses over run with pussy as I opened my mouth and met your panties like it was an ice cream, slow and firmly sucking on the sweet taste of your hot cunt......", oohh"....fuck, I thought I would blow a wad right there, so I let go of my cock for a moment.

My hand free to roam now as I kissed and licked that hot, tight little pussy, making you shift again. My face was becoming soaked with your wet sex, I peeled the dripping panties to the side, revealing your straight black hair and sweet pink lips.

"...yes baby...kiss me there" whispered in heat. Your adorable Thai accent made it sound like kiss me "dare"....gawd you were sweet. I slowly worked around your clit as you pushed into me...."baby....."......

"mmmmm".....I mumbled, a mouth full of hot pink. Carefully avoiding your spot, I flicked my tongue around your lips, and let it dart into your tight pink hole....making you squirm again...""'baby....ooohhhh" were starting to climb. I sucked on you again and let you enjoy it for a few seconds...."Baby yeah....." a little louder this time.

Your pussy was so wet it was running down my chin and into your ass. I pressed in, my tongue moving in on your clit as you began bucking....."BABY....." louder again...the bucking was getting more pronounced now.
I went for broke and pressed into your slick, hot said the words that I always waited for...." HELP ME BABY" My tongue bore down on your swollen pussy as you went into your orgasmic wail, writhing and bucking against my hot tongue. You were loud and I always LOVED that.

As you subsided into the usual little moans that sounded as though you were about to cry, I stood and grabbed my cock, face dripping. I lay on you, rubbing my cock over your wet panties....."baby'''fuck me....fuck me" peeled your panties to the side again guided me to your pussy.

I slid into the tightest pussy I have ever been given and began thrusting, kissing you, your sweet juices all over our faces now....."baby....fuck me"....."ooohh fuck sweety"...I grunted as my aching cock slid in and out of your hot pink. Your firm, petite body writhing beneath mine. I was at the mercy of your tight cunt, and it showed me none. I wasn't going to last long...I was already damned near there, your pussy was just too fucking good.

Here it comes...."fuck me baby......come baby"....."yeah...ooohh....come baby"
I gladly gave you what you wanted, reaching the paradise stroke, it was like slow motion, driving my spurting cock deep into sweet pussy. The jets of hot white......I was coming hard.

I miss her :drool
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