Goddammit All.....

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So, I'm now working on moving out. My friend and coworker decided to take one little area of myself that bothered him, and blew it way out of proportion.

He essentially got pissed off, and suddenly I've "Done nothing but sit on my ass and not help out". So, despite all my hard work here, it's been shown that I'm not appreciated at all.

So, now I'm working out arrangements to move, while trying to maintain university deadlines (I just turned in a few assignments late due to the drama).

I know I already have been fairly inactive lately, and I apologize. I've been working my tail off on many things, and haven't had time to really get on here (Heck, I haven't even had time to record for my YouTube series that I have running right now).

I'll post updates as I get them folks, hope to see you again soon.
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