Game of thrones fans??

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I've been quite concerned with a lack of afterlife lately.

I've also been dancing on the edge of being misanthropic and wanting to be an alturist....

I'm quite the contradiction!!! :phat

I've taken into account i'm probably quite depressed- i know im definitely i've lost 5 kilograms trying to be healthier. I just need to start excersising and another 5kgs will no doubt disappear.

relationship and sex wise- none of your business really :p

But i'll say this. Humans can be amazing. Look up buzzfeed on youtube. So awesome. I love tid bits like that! Zephrank...Ana Akana! Also, Game of thrones- OMG awesome. I find in the later seasons the sex scenes have diminished somewhat ;) but that's ok! It's a work of utter brilliance!!!

Who wishes a utopia existed today- like a less corrupt Quarth!?

I think that i wish everyone had their own bit of land, and produced their own food naturally, like the natives. I feel so sorry for ourselves, our chemicals will surely BEE the end of us. Pun very much intended. Way -ta- go at killing all the bees we're going to die.

Whatever. lol. Life is so so soooo pointless. Really we are so insignificant, I wish i become a vegetable or get a disease where the person looses consiousness. THAT is the best way to go. Not a worry in the world!---- and then your world ends. Much greater than knowing what is being ripped away from you!

Sorry to ppl with whome this post is making you feel i'm totally derranged. Truth is i'm quite a moody weirdo by nature. Just picture Tyrion Lanister- i took a personality test and apparently i'm meant to be a clone of him! HA! Maybe one day...

Also voldemort. Why am i the bad guy? HAHA!
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