Funnest time I've had in a long time

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John answered my Cuckold ad in Craigslist on Tuesday by Saturday night my cock was deep in his wife.

John and Becky arrived at the motel first and sent me an email saying they were in room 310. I was waiting in the parking lot and knocking on the door moments later.

She was 36 nice looking about 5'4" chubby but really good looking. Shoulder length black hair and nice big titties. John was 54 years old, taller with gray whitish hair.

We all said hi, I shook John's hand and gave Becky a hug, telling her how beautiful she looked.

I helped John connect his phone to the radio I brought, and went over to pay Becky some attention.

We chatted about nothing in general for just a couple minutes before Becky just started removing her bra from under her top. Then she undid her slacks and took them off. She was only in her Lion King panties and a tee shirt. So I immediately removed my jeans.

He sat on the bed and I moved over to Becky and have her a big hug and mentioned how beautiful she was She said thanks and pulled off her shirt revealing her really nice breasts.

I kissed her on the lips and started licking her nipples. My cock was super hard and I could feel her playing with it.

She laid down on the bed and slipped off her panties while I removed my briefs and laid next to her putting my hand between her legs.

We made out for 5 minutes or so feeling each other up. Then her husband came over leaned over her on the bed and began sucking my cock for about 2 minutes I just continued to kiss her. After he went back to the other bed she paused and asked if I liked how it felt kissing her while getting a Blowjob, I said it was nice. Then I moved lower and got between her legs and started licking her pussy. After about 5 minutes I said it's been so long asked if I could feel her pussy on my cock, she said yes.

I put on a condom and mounted her missionary style, kissing her while I slowly worked my cock into her. It felt awsome, I sucked her titties as I pushed deep inside.

We fucked for awhile like that, then she rode me, then I fucked her doggy style. She had her head down on the bed with her sweet ass up in the air. I was holding her hips and pounding my cock into her when I came.

We all chatted and snacked on grapes and crackers for a bit. Before long Hope and I were back on the bed. We had just started getting into it when the radio quit. Since it was my radio I figured I better go fix it.

After a couple seconds of fiddling with It I just shut it off, turned the sound track of 50 shades of gray on my phone on the night stand and jumped back in bed with Hope.

By then I had wilted a bit so I told her all I had to do was not think about it and in no time it would be up for action. The Stones "Beast of Burden"was playing when I laid next to her and started kissing her.

I whispered in her ear, this songs not helping, as the chorus hit for the second time " Am I hard enough, Am I rough enough... " She busted up laughing, her husband asked if something was wrong. She replied no and we continued kissing. We fucked for a long time I finally removed the condom and fucked her bareback blowing my seed up in her.

Her husband cleaned her up. They had to make it an early night because she had to work in the morning.

They showered and we chatted a bit more, she said she had a great time as they were heading out the door. He said have a great rest of your night and I replied I doubt I can have a better time than I just had.
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