Fun with Vegetables....Nonfiction

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Who likes to go into the produce section or your own garden for some fun? When my husband first approached me with the idea...I was a little skeptical. Now, I look forward to it!! I prefer cucumbers 6 to 7 inches long with some girth. My hubby loves to assist in picking them out. I prefer chilled ones over room temperature. I love the coolness as it enters me. I remember our very first time with this....I'm in the kitchen cleaning up and my husband comes up behind me and slowly moves my long hair away to expose my neck. He starts slowly and lightly kissing my neck. (I LOVE it when he does this. It instantly makes me wet and my pussy starts tingling. He could and has driven to orgasms alone just by doing this). He turns me around and kisses me deeply with our tongues touching each others. He moves his hands from my breasts and starts rubbing my clit through my shorts. I rub up against him, increasing the friction, he whispers, "Am I making you wet? I have a surprise for you." We leave the kitchen and go to the bedroom. I lay down on the bed. He takes off all of his clothes. I look at his dick, all hard and jutting out, and I'm even wetter than when we started. He comes to me. I move my legs apart and lift my ass up so I can take him inside me. He looks at me and tells me, "No, you don't get that yet" and shows me 3 cucumbers if various lengths and widths. I don't know what to think. I have a large collection of vibrators and dildos. But I've never done any sex play like this before. I pick out a 5 to 6 inch cucumber. Hubby says, No, let's try this's about 8 inches long and almost 3 inches in diameter. I protested but he smiles and tells me that I can take it. I lay back on the bed with him. He starts kissing me again on my lips, trailing down my neck and to my breasts. He starts playing with one nipple while sucking the other. He makes them both hard and alternates. He kisses my belly and starts rubbing my inner thighs. He moves his head down in between my legs, brings the cucumber from my side and slowly inserts it, as he starts sucking my clit. I am loving the coolness and heaviness as the cucumber stretches out my cunt. He asks me if I like it looking deeply into my eyes. I replied breathlessly, Yes and I ask for him to put it more inside me. He continues to lick and suck my clit. He stops and looks up, starts to move the cucumber slowly in and out. I am loving it, the fullness is absolutely amazing!! I ask him to take it out because I want his warm, hard cock buried deep into me. He obliges and very slowy enters me. I want to buck against him and take all of him. He tells me no, let me move inside you slowly. He is driving me absolutely crazy. He gets up and tells me to get on all fours. I am happy because I love to getting pounded doggy style. I get up and do as I'm told, and stick my gorgeous add in the air. He comes behind me and instead of fucking me hard into abandon, he slowly inserts the cucumber into my pussy, in and out. I love the pressure and feeling as it, slowly hits my g spot. I'm getting very close to coming. He takes the cucumber out and slides right into my loose, wet cunt. He starts fucking me furiously. I take my vibrator to my clit and start coming instantaneously. He comes a few seconds later.
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