Football Sunday

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As always I was enjoying my two mile walk around the neighborhood.
I know many people along my route..
One such person is a handsome man who occasionally watches football with my husband..
Little does my husband know that this particular man had been fucking me for years...
Little does my husband know that when I leave for my walk this man volunteers to run home and get something for the party.
I was waiting yesterday when he quickly pull into the driveway..
I dropped my shorts then bending over his couch he pushed his cock in my love hole..
I told him pull out and come on my pussy when he's ready.
I pulled my shorts up trying not to disturb the come he deposited on me.
I jumped in his car for the ride back then checked then walked to the mailbox ..
When I returned I glanced at my lover and sat next to my husband..
During the next commercial I asked my husband to help me with something in the bedroom..
I looked in his eyes smiling.
I shyly asked if he really like me being a slut?
The neighborhood slut?
I gave him a devilish smile and pushed his hand down my pants..
Yes baby that's another man's come on you wife..
Wonder who I said...then walked away.
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