First time using a sextoy.

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Hey everyone, I have a story I wanted to share and since there's a blog section this is the perfect place I think.

So, I've finally done it and bought myself a sextoy thanks to some very appreciated advice from Mittimer.
It was a very anticipated wait from the moment I ordered it to when it arrived two days later, which was yesterday by the way. It's a cheaper sleeve with a modeled mouth to simulate oral sex. First thing I noticed was that it was more flexible and stretchy than I expected.

Since I masturbate a lot it had become a bit stale to use my bare hands so this was the perfect time to try something new.
Of course I read up on how to do things and I ordered a bottle of water based lube with the toy as well.

So when it arrived I was so excited I just had to try it out immedietly. I should say that I had never used any sort of lube either up to this point so everything was new and frankly a bit kinky to me.
I put some lube on my penis and in the mouth of the toy just as I had read on recommendations. At first it kept slipping off me because it's a bit tight and I had used quite a bit of lube but I soon got the hang of how to work the thing.

It felt quite different than what I was used to and in a good way too. and I must say that the look of it going up and down on my penis was quite arousing. Now I tought I would climax quickly under this new type of stimulation but I didn't, in fact it took quite a lot longer to reach orgasm than with using my bare hands. It was also a much slower build and climax. I felt the "peak" a lot longer and it felt amazing. If I just use my hands it's much more of a quick climb and a sharp short orgasm.

This had a funny side effect though because I was so used to the rythms of normal masturbation so I actually stopped moving right before I reached full orgasm which didn't feel so good to be honest.
I should add that I have used the toy four times thus far and this happened on my second go. So I guess I need to learn how I should use the toy better which to me is a fun prospect.

Another amazing thing (to me at least) was that my libido went crazy yesterday as a result of using the toy. I used the toy three times and I used my hand four times for a total of seven orgasms in a single evening. Totally crazy.
Normal for me is masturbation two to three times a day.

I am thinking of getting more toys in the near future due to the success of my first toy. It will probably be a fleshlight I'm thinking.

This is my first blog entry ever so dont be too harsh :p

~Everett Spair
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