Eve Torres - Sqaured Circle Vixen

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(Fictional, but self written)On a night in Denver, Colarado, home of WWE Diva and Diva's champion Eve, i ran into her after the show ended. after explaining how big of a fan i am, i accidentally said:I love your boobsEve(with hungry eyes): oh yeah?Me: ohhh yeahh, they're amazingHer: thanks. they're 38DDssince you like them so much, wanna see em?Me: Hell yeah i do
we went back to her hotel room
she slowly took her top off, revealing that she had no bra on.
Me: you're not wearing a bra?Her: no, everythings in the laundry.Me: thats too bad, but damn your tits are fuckin hugeher: i know hehe. wanna feel em?me: hell ya

her:: i see these things are making you hard.her: wait, im totally naked, yet youre still fully clothed, we need to change that.she takes my pants off, and sees my hard dick.her: mmmmmmm you have such a nice cock. squeeze my big tits.i did what she had asked, her 38DDs were so soft.her: mmmmmmmmmm, lets switch it up. i wanna have that big dick between my huge boobs.She gets down on her knees and starts sucking my dick while her huge titties jiggleMe: Yeah baby, your lips feel fuckin good on my dick. Her: What should I do next? i think ill suck your dick more her: (muffled)OOOOOOOH UUUUUUUUUH OOOOOOOOOOOH GOD THAT'S NICE!!! me: ohhhh yeaaah, i wanna fuck your big titties now her:(moaning): OH MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM AAAAAAAAAAAAAH FUCK MY BIG ROUND TITSAfter getting her juggs fucked hard;"AAAAAAAAAAAAAH AHHHHHHHHHHH AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH OOH UUUUHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! HARDER! FUCK ME HARDER!. FUCK MY BOOBs AGAIN"she fucks my cock with her big tits more her: ooooooooooohhhhHHHHH YAAAA, YOUR HARD DICK FEELS SO GOOD BETWWEN MY TITS I WANT YOU TO CUM ON THEM, COVER MY BIG TITS WITH HOT, CREAMY CUM And I did. I shot a huge load of cum on her big juicy tits her: Ohhhhhhhh, that cum feels so good on my tits. She rubs the cum all over her boobs, making them nice and shiny.Me: now THAT'S what i call a work out ;)
Her: let's do this again sometime.:eyes
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