Dry Spell

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I thought I was pregnant for a whole month before taking a test, but turns out I wasn't. MY first post here was WEATHER OR NOT I SHOULD have sex ...and back then I sided with I should try it... So I have, and now I feel since abstinence is the best contraception, that that's what I will practise. Indefinitely.

I decided that 6 months ago. And still, I've kept my word.

So that would explain why I've been MIA here, staying away from this place kills libido. Just ignoring it and steering clear of things of this nature, helps avoid it. And I'm happy with my decision. My boyfriend is being very understanding about it (his libido is lower than mine anyway). I will revisit this in future, though I imagine by the time I have my own house, I will be more inclined to have surgery so that I wont need to worry about getting pregnant (or he will) and we can continue with our old active selves. Though to be honest, that's probably the MINIMUM of a year away, or possibly many many years, and I doubt he would stick around that long, but it's not worth the risk. Not even a little bit.

I'd rather die alone. Infact it would be preferable.
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