Doc Who

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I had a dream with David Tennant in it and it was bloody brilliant. He was in the role of the Doctor, not Crouch, and served the purpose of providing me with advice.

It was after a relatively heavy night of drinking down some unknown town. I walked down the left side side-walk some unknown drippy, sopping wet street with an abundant amount of puddles via which reflected my stupor.

In some undesignated amount of time filled with stumbling, incoherent visions of a green van that vanished at any sight more than peripheral, and odd thoughts. I reached a four way cross road which was situated juxtaposed to an over pass. Across the way, by the over pass, but not under it, I saw a man with his hands in the pocket of a dark avocado-green trench coat. The man was standing there looking at the stars, much like the Doctor would do. I approached him. Once across the street every bit of my drunken body became sober. My motor skills increased in dexterity, my vision became increasingly less-and-less wobbly, and my thoughts became more coherent. He looked at me with kind eyes and said "[t]hat's due to (something sciency). I picked it up from the (some alien name from some alien galaxy). They're bloody brilliant." We sat down against a wall and chin wagged for a stint. After which, I began mimicking the beat the Master continuously heard and said "[l]et me save you." He had a hearty laugh, then went silent as he played with a weed that grew in between the side walk squares. He said "[y]ou can't keep doing this, you know?" I responded with "[y]eah." Just then, two horse mounted police officers turned the corner from under the over pass. The Doctor reached into his pocket and placed fifty cents into the parking meter. One of the officers was on a grandiose horse while the other was on a normal sized horse. The one on the monolithic horse approached us. He said in what seemed to be mere whispers "[w]atch for the Arthiopenthates," but I am very insure of what he actually said. So very suddenly, my green vehicular tormenter appeared violently to our right coming toward us at an alarming speed. The Doctor stood up. I woke up.
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