Date Night

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We'll file this one under "A Blue Lizard Fantasy Comes True". It's about a date at the movies that we all (most of us?) wish we had gone on in days gone past.

I always wanted to go on movie date, sit in the back row, neck...maybe cop a feel or two of tits. But no such luck. Closest I got was a date that rubbed my dick through my pants. Boring! But last Saturday night, I decided to fix that.

We have a love seat in our den that is easy to move around. I turned it so it directly faced our big screen. I put a romantic comedy (Knight & Day) in the DVD player and ask Dreamer to put on something sexy...we were going on a the den.

She put on a black and red baby that had easily accessible nipple holes. No fumbling through a blouse and bra for me! The fantasy got a whole lot better with her outfit.

There was a lot of caressing, fondling, squeezing and teasing by both of us (I was dressed in my finest strap-on cock ring). Then I had one of my better thoughts.

Ultimate movie theatre fantasy? A blow job in the back row. So, I ask for one.

Early in our relationship, I learned Dreamer gives incredible blow jobs...she even swallows! This one was no exception. Maybe even a little better because it was in the realm of a fantasy coming to life.

The longer she sucked, the closer I got to coming (duh!). Then...she stopped!

Are you fucking kidding me???

She always gets a sly grin when we are about to fuck. She had the sly grin...

Here the fantasy deviates to real life. There is NO way I could kneel in front of her in a theatre. This is so not enough room between the seats. But in our front of our TV...there is all kinds of room. Down on bended knees I went...and slowly entered her.

To say I was excited would be an understatement...but I was thrilled beyond belief. There was no way I could go slow for long. To use one of my new favorite phrases...I pounded that pussy!

Another thing I learned early with Dreamer is she can orgasm with penetration. I don't know which of us made the most noise at the moment of ecstasy...but there was a lot of it!

I certainly can't imagine going to an actual theatre could have be anywhere close to being this thrilling. Nor could I imagine a fantasy going so right!

That's my story...and fantasy...and I'm sticking to it!

P.S. What I saw of "Knight & Day"...not a bad movie...certainly not as bad as the terrible reviews it got...
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