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Oh look, sharp knives.
The sweet release as the knife breaks the skin.
As the sharpness of the blade cuts deep.
Watching the blood flow from the cut.
Now for the calm and peace as the blood runs down my arm.
Stinging when blood and metal mixes.
Put me in a conscious state so I cannot feel the emotional pain.
Looking for an answer that never seems to arrive.
Oh to see the blood trickle down my arm, warm and sticky.
The agitation not quieted by the flow of blood.
The pain in the chest growing more intense with my anxiety.
Please don't take the knife away.
Let it perform it's magic on my arm.
You tell me no, don't do it.
How can I believe your words are true.
The mind wants what the mind wants.
My heart wants you but does yours want me.
Stab the knife deep to feel the release.
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