Dairy of a dyslexic

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Woke up this morning. The morning didn't need waking up but I feel it is my duty. My wife was still fast asleep. I must stop putting rohypnol in her bedtime drink. Another stiffy. Pity it's my legs. I keep hoping it'll make its way up. A good hot shower would wake me up but the mrs. didn't fancy any water sports.

I made may way downstairs before realising I lived in a bungalow and I tripped over the floor beams. The dogs were desperate to go out and one was trying to piss in a plantpot. He must have seen me doing it. I opened the door in my dressing gown to let them out. I have no idea why I have a door there (Old joke sorry).

I ate a hearty breakfast. The aorta was particularly tasty today. The dogs took me for a walk around the block. If I ever find out who left the guillotine outside the house I'll do for 'em. An uneventful drive to work. Only gave the vickers to three people. I must be mellowing.
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