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This is a continuation of our other post and is written by K.

So pretty much everything that A said was true..apart from the funny and also slightly embarrassing bits... the first funny thing is that A definitely did not go to buy condoms as far away from home as possible haha, we both went during my lunch break at work and muggins here went to the counter and paid for them alone..because mr A was embarrassed, bless him! and the second funny thing is, our intention was to have sex and then have a shower together, when infact, i was so hung up about my body and i think A was a little subconscious about his too that he had a shower before me and i went in after, only to laugh about it ten minutes later at how ridiculous we were being, so ready for sex and not ready to look at eachothers bodies in a shower! Haha, for everybodys info though, we don't go a day without having a bath or shower together in our lovely flat.
It was such a lovely night though, valentines day, had a meal, and I agree that I also have no idea what film it was...maybe 'rain man'? or maybe we were even just watching tv... but anyway, after a while of playing with eachother on the sofa and knowing that we'd planned this night to be our first time, it wasn't long before we looked at eachother and knew what was coming. We got to the bottom of the stairs and A checked i was still up for it, which I clearly was...I knew he was the one!
I can't remember how long it was before he entered me, but it was a rather funny/anxious/nervewrecking moment when we realised the condoms and lube were downstairs. Like A said, I was on the pill but I could tell A was still terrified that I was going to get pregnant, and even now, slowly approaching our 3 year anniversary we haven't had what I'd call a pregnancy scare, even though I know A secretly sh**s himself a lot! not that that is a vital part to this post haha.
Yeah anyway, it was the best night ever, it wasn't how I expected sex to be, didn't cause as much discomfort as I'd imagined it would but at the same time, it was completely different to how I expected.
A's penis felt huge and I could feel his pulse pumping inside me, causing me to get wetter and wetter whilst holding him between my vaginal lips. The rest of the sex experience is a bit of a blurr because I was too busy wondering whether I was doing it right and whether A was enjoying it!
It turns out we both enjoyed it thoroughly and we celebrated by having sex number two the day after! Lovely :)

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