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A's version of events:

It was a few months into our relationship that I decided K was the girl of my dreams and I didn't want anyone else, luckily for me she felt the same way. Very shortly after this realization we decided that we were going to have sex...or "make love" as I think we referred to it.

I always thought that it would be something that just happened however we ended up having a conversation and as it was a couple of weeks before valentines day we decided that was the night for us!. I was excited but along with the excitement came worry and panic. I wasn't sure what to do?! I had seen porn so should be I expecting that? Will she get pregnant?!

All this was running through my head and K being the lovely girl she is was completely open to talking about it. A week before the big day she started the contraceptive pill and I travelled as far as was humanly possible away from where I live to go and buy lube and condoms... I remember thinking "should I buy a cock ring too?...what does a cock ring even do?!?!" I decided against it.

So anyway, after the weeks of torment the big day finally came. Valentines day 2008. I was excited and very, very scared. After a meal round at K's we settled down on the couch and decided to watch a film - I can't even remember what film it was, I literally paid no attention at all.

Whilst watching the film we were kissing and cuddling, I was afraid to take it any further!. As time passed we started getting a little more intimate and shortly afterwards we both had our hands down each others pants.

I was ready to explode right there and K was really, really wet. I plucked up the courage and whispered "Shall we go upstairs?".

It was such a beautiful moment, K didn't reply but she softly took hold of my hands and led me up the stairs.

Before we knew it we were under the covers and started back off where we left off on the couch. I was stroking her clit really really gently and she had my penis and balls in her hand and was slowly rubbing them both together.

We slowly started to undress each other, I pulled her top off first and then bra. We started really snogging each others faces off at this point! K still had me in her hands and I was gently squeezing her boobs with one hand and stroking her clit with the other. It was time.

I realized I had left the bag with the lube and condoms in downstairs so at a pace that could rival Usain Bolt I ran down the stairs and grabbed the bag. K stayed in exactly the same position and as I returned I could see she was as excited as I was.

She slowly leant back and parted her legs slightly. I put on the condom, lubed up and stretched over her. I then slowly entered her, I could immediately feel how tight she was and could not believe how nice it felt. I could tell it had caused K some discomfort so I asked if she would like me to stop but I was told to carry on.

It only lasted a few minutes but its a few minutes I will never ever forget. I was thrusting my hips as slow as I possibly could and could feel K twitching with every cm that went inside her. We held hands, we kissed and declared our love for each other.

I came pretty violently and remember being really, really happy. I think K felt the same way. We took a nice long shower together and snuggled up in bed. I was no longer a virgin and had just slept with the sexiest woman in the world. If I had died then, I would have died a happy man.

A :)
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