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When I was in my undergrad program, my girlfriend (at the time) had a GPA that was close to mine. She was always better with multi-tasking and thus had a plethora of extracurricular activities.

Much like any graduate program, if you incur anything higher than a mere traffic violation- it's gounds for non-admittance and it could end one's matriculation career.

I suggested that she visit one of her girlfriends houses and hang out before she, her friend, left for Hawaii. I knew that they would be drinking alcohol and even confirmed it. I called the police HQ for that region and reported that I saw a driver swerving. I gave them her tag number and the make of car. Lo' and behold, she was pulled over and DUI'd. The officer said that he probably would have let her go, but that the HQ received a call from a concerned driver. I picked her up five hours later, when the paper work was finished and payed for her bond (or bail... I'm unsure of which). She and I no longer date... and she has had to move to another state that has more lenient rules for infractions of that caliber. We still chat from time-to-time.
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