Cheating or not?

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QUESTION: IF a man is in a relationship...4yrs or so lets say....and he has been signing up with profiles on online dating some of those profiles saying hes single...he also searches local woman...he claims that because he doesn't pay for the membership he can't contact them so its not cheating...I believe it was crossing the line at that point...the other day he came across another dating site...signed up on it..and this time so did a totally different name and email address and I found his profile on that site and I messaged him. And he does respond to the message and in a very sexual way and asking for pictures showing him just how sluty she was or something. Well needless to say...that girl was me and he is my bf. So here's my question....would u consider that cheating....being unfaithful...disrespectful? Im just looking for an honest bias opinions...I personally am NOT OK with it and FLIPPED THE F**** out.
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