Boyfriend Revenge

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Dated a guy in college who ended up joining the military because he wanted to build a better life for us. Well, while he was away, I ended up meeting the man who would eventually become my husband. I broke up with him while he was in training. I assumed he was very heart broken.

Fast forward a few years. I went to Las Vegas to celebrate one of my girlfriends who was about to get married. We spent a whole weekend there. On one night, for whatever reason (we were probably drunk) we decided to start our night at Little Darlings, a low level strip club. Of course, being a group of girls, we got VIP access, bottle service, and most of the strippers to sit with us for what seemed to be cheap. While there, a guy walks up to me, stares at me, and says nothing. I look at him through all the cigarette smoke, and realized who it was. It was my ex boyfriend from college. He was in town for something called red flag at the local military base. He was there with friends. My girlfriends let them all sit with us because they wanted guy companionship for the night. We ended up leaving the club and went bar hopping up and down the strip. Of course, my ex boyfriend stayed by my side. It was actually nice being with him again. We had a great relationship in college. He told me that he had just got stationed in South Carolina and had just gotten back from Afghanistan. I spent the night hearing his stories.

I told him about me and told him I was married. He shy'ed away for a bit, but then after a few alcoholic drinks from random strangers who saw our bachelorette party, I ended up telling him about my lack of sex life with my husband. I told him about my tinder account and told him about some of my cheating escapades. He admitted looking me up on Facebook and stalking me every now and then. Well, at the last bar on Freemont Street, we dancing and singing karaoke when all of a sudden, he leaned in and kissed me. I probably shouldn't have, but I kissed him back. While my bachelorette party was loosing one girl at a time, going back to the hotel, due to sleepiness or drunkiness, I ended up being the last one out with my ex and his friend.

I must have been almost passed out drunk because I remember him almost carrying me back to his hotel room at the Tropicana. When we got to his room, he had beer in the mini fridge, so we continued drinking. I don't know what we were saying to each other, but the next thing I remember him saying was, "You really broke my heart". I felt bad. I asked him what he wanted me to do about it. He just blurted out, "How about you suck my dick, one last time". He pulled out his cock, which looked glorious, and I just started sucking. He took off my shirt. As the incident kept going on, his words kept getting more vulgar. Things like, "Nice Tits" and "You still suck like a bitch". Then he grabbed a fist full of hair, pulled my head away from his cock and said, "You fucking broke my heart bitch, now it's time for me to give you what you deserve". I was so wet by him saying this. Again, I knew I was going to be taken advantage of, which is my favorite type of sex. He flipped me over and rammed his cock in my pussy and just started fucking me doggy style. At that moment, I heard another voice say, "Yeah, fuck that whore!". It was his room mate. I had totally forgotten he was there. My ex, while fucking me doggy style, started fingering my ass. "You like that bitch?". I actually didn't like it, but I didn't answer him. He then grabbed a pillow case and tied my hands behind my back. He then tossed his phone to his friend. "Film this shit". He grabbed me by the hair, pointed my face towards the camera, and started talking to the camera. "This bitch broke my heart. It's time for my revenge." He then bent me back over and started spanking me. "Say your sorry, bitch". After every spank, I would say, "I'm sorry". He then rammed his dick in my ass. The way he did it, it probably should have hurt, but it felt good. He said, "you fucked me up when you broke up with me, now, I'm fucking you up the ass". The rest of the night, he fucked me up the ass only. "Look at the camera, bitch", he would say as he was pounding my asshole. He then said, "Get ready bitch. Open your mouth". I opened my mouth. He then said, "Stick out your tongue". I did. He then pulled his cock out of my ass and he blew a load right in my mouth. It was so much. After he was done, and I was there with a mouth full of his cum, he spit right into my mouth and said, "Swallow it bitch". I swallowed. He then talked to the camera. "This is what happens to whores who cheat on their boyfriends while they are away in the military". I remember his friend saying, "Man, this is so degrading". His friend never joined in or got naked or anything. He just filmed the entire ordeal. My ex told me to get dressed. I did. Then just like that, he walked me to the door, and said, it was nice to see you. Then closed the door on my face. I walked down to the elevator, almost crying, but I didn't cry. I took a cab to my hotel and went to bed. My girlfriend who I was bunking with, was passed out.

The next morning, my girlfriends asked what happened to me. I told them that I just stayed out gambling with my ex and ended coming back late. I never told them what happened. This happened before any of my friends knew I was cheating on my husband, and I didn't want them to find out there. However, I was always worried, and still worried, that my ex has shown that video to all his friends. I know how military guys are. They brag. I'm scared he has posted that video up somewhere. I tried messaging and friending him through facebook, but no response. He has his facebook locked, so I can't see his pictures, but I do see that his profile pic is of him and another girl. I'm way better looking than she is. I hope that one day she finds the video he took of us and she gets mad at him and breaks up. Until then, I will admit, it was awesome being treated that way, except, although I was treating it like a fantasy, I don't think it was a fantasy to him. He was getting his revenge that he probably deserved to get based on the way I broke up with him. It's been a few years since this incident, but it still bothers me and I am still curious if he has that video.
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