Bluring the line

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I got a funny story I'd like to tell. Well, it's not so much a story as an anecdote.
This happened quite a while ago when I didn't have a big beard so keep that in mind.

I was out walking in a nearby city just looking through stores and doing some clothes shopping. Suddenly I heard someone call out "hey girl!" or something along those lines. I can't remember exactly as it was so long ago.
But then the guy kept calling and he stopped me cause he was calling for me.

Now I'm a male and he mistook me for a girl! :lol
I have long hair and i remember having it draped over my shoulders at the time and he was approaching me from behind so he didn't see my face until he stopped me.

Still to this day I find it amusing that someone actually thought I was a girl.
Maybe I'd make a sexy crossdresser. :p

Feel free to share your gender confusion stories if you have any.

~Everett Spair
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