Blue panties photos

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I do have to confess that the place where I took the photos in my blue panties, was not my home.
I was abroad in Japan for a month. Stayed a week after everyone left, alone in an airbnb, and met up with a friend in another city.
But during that week I was alone and all I did was sleep, go to the convenience store, and play with myself.
Literally 11 hours a day spent touching myself and taking flirty pictures.
The Airbnb was located in an apartment complex on the 10th floor. There were many high rise apartments around, so I always left the sliding door curtains wide open all day.
I would masturbate with my pussy facing all the apartments. Sometimes I would see people looking out their patio doors into my room, but I never cared because I would only be staying there for a week.
I only put on clothes if I had to go out to buy food, and even then I wouldn't wear underwear beneath my skirts.
One time I had walked to the grocery store with no underwear and a market stuck right up my hole. The whole time I had to walk and bend over carefully so as the pen wouldn't fall out.
The whole week was a pretty cathartic experience because I had no wifi. I was in a foreign country where nobody knew me.
And I had a loving time with just me, my body, and the few voyeurs who watched from their patios.
I'd definitely go again JUST to have another week like that. ❤❤
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