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I detest the mislead people who support piracy. I'm singing no new tune; but intellectual property is exactly that. Regardless of what or HOW you feel; it is legal and every one should abide by those laws set in place.

Tell me, does stealing the rims from a nice car in a car dealership REALLY hurt the company? Of course it does. But it doesn't mean that there aren't 30 people out there who would rather legally buy those rims than steal them.

That is the difference.

People get caught up in "oh naaaaaaaaw bro :drops the bong: they're gonna take my Dexter away braaaaaaah. This is unlawful and impedes on freedom of speech braaaaaah" when they should accept that what they are doing is illegal (both counts) and deal with it. Heaven forbid they can't continue stealing. What will they ever do?

So many people contradict their core beliefs when it pertains to facets of life that they like. Example: someone who thinks "round up all of the druggies and lock them away" when they, themselves, do drugs.

A criminal is a criminal regardless of how you think the law should be interpreted. We elect these officials to govern. Regardless of what we think SHOULD be the law, we should still abide by the laws we currently have.

(I know there will be people who use hyperboles such as not publicly demonstrating their wishes; but that's different. We have the right to assembly, not the right to disrupt. Much the same, we have the right to free speech; but not the right to use the intellectual property of others sans their consent.)
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