birthday immasculation

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I love to celebrate birthdays! Mostly mine but friends as well. I tried to surprise my hubby the past few years but I've realized I basically planned things that sounded fun to me. He had fun too, don't get me wrong. I mean, everyone has fun in Vegas. Last year, about 8 months ago, I asked what he would like to do (me growing as a person yay!). I said "anything you want love." I honestly would've gotten him another girl if he wanted which is what I expected the answer to be.

He told me wanted to "go to the cabin, get drunk, fuck me in the ass, and watch me get fucked really hard." I kid you not. I fuck other guys all the time so I figured he would like something else. Nope.

Well, he did want to try the sub/dom thing. He said he wanted us to have control. Fine with me since I do all the time anyway. I also don't give up the asshole very often but hey, it's his birthday.

I called a stud with a beautiful cock that I know likes to get rough and kinky. He's a fellow trainer that I fuck from time to time. Our schedules hadn't aligned in awhile (and he had a stupid girlfriend for a few months) so it had been far too long since he'd had his way with me. I was looking forward to it.

Birthday weekend arrived and made the drive out. We passed the time day drinking and soaking in the hot tub. As promised, I let him fuck my ass. I made him wear a condom and he was not allowed to cum on me since my stud was arriving that night and thought he may not want an already jizzed on wife. It took him all of two minutes to cum.

About an hour before my stud was to arrive, I began implementing the wicked ideas I had conjured up for the sub hub birthday extravaganza. I'm embarrassed to say I didn't really have a ton of experience with BDSM/humiliation stuff. Obviously openly cheating on my husband is a form of humiliation but that's not why I fuck around. I felt like a virgin that googled about sex because they were going to get some finally.

A lot of the ideas I read online were dumb so I wrote a list of my own.

I showered and did my hair and makeup naked. I had hubs stroke his dick (without cumming) and compliment my body in detail (selfish I know!). I put some lingerie on and then got hubs ready.

I'm not normally one to dress my cuckold in women's clothes but I had him wear one my thongs because I knew it would embarrass him in front of another guy. He commented on how seriously I took his request. I told him to wait out front and carry my stud's things into the cabin.

I talked to my stud before hand and informed him of the pending husband shaming. He even helped me with ideas. His car pulled up and I heard laughter toward my hubs. I think my husband's pussy was wetter than mine at that point.

I restrained hubby's hands, put a blindfold on him, and sat him in the corner. I had some drinks with my stud and we fooled around while cuck hub could only listen.

I released my handcuffed husband and ordered him to entertain us by holding his legs in the air and finger fucking his own asshole, which graduated to a dildo. We laughed and made mean comments. I then told husband (who was rock hard) that he can come as much as he wants, but that all semen was to be ingested by him regardless of which dick it spurted from. He came very shortly after I said that. He scooped every drop from stomach and licked his fingers clean.

I stuck a plug in hub's ass and began fucking my stud. He spanked me, pulled my hair, choked me, picked me up for a standing 69, and fucked me hard so there was always a loud body slapping sound.

My husband ate two more times before my stud filled his condom. Hubs opened his mouth like a baby bird but I told him to lay back. I got my strapon and pulled the plug out. I then emptied the condom onto his dick and told him to use it as lube and jerk off while I fucked him. He orgasmed again, and fed himself again. He collected whatever "lube" he could and swallowed.

The night went like that stopping for food and drink. Since then, I've taken more and more to the humiliation of my husband. Incorporating into our sex. He raved about that night for weeks to the point I think he enjoyed it more than I did! I haven't gotten as elaborate or as strict as I did that night, but tease plenty and never spare on the ass play.

Sex is a marvelous thing
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